The Great East Coast Flood....

The floods are abating and our little isle where I live sustained very little damage, but all around me, like a boat on a mount, I see the devestation that was wreaked out on the land.  

A link to some of the photos of the flood itself.


A link to what is being discovered as the waters recede....

Picture of The Great East Coast Flood....
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seidnord6 years ago
Люди, которые селятся близко к водоемам должны быть готовы к таким катастрофам. И должны помогать друг другу. Это важно, так как иначе не выжить
People who settle close to water bodies should be prepared for such disasters. And we must help each other. This is important because otherwise would not survive
Goodhart (author)  seidnord6 years ago
Sadly, not a lot of water was around before hand (a river over 6 miles away, a creek is nearby). The hurricane Irene went through, soaked the ground, and then the tropical storm Lee came through with MORE just didn't have anywhere to go.
Kryptonite6 years ago
Fourty days and fourty nights, what a sight!
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Well, all of this happened in just a few days actually ;-) Flooding very similar to Agnes in 1972....which I am old enough to remember :-(
Luckily flooding storms never actually last that long :D

Got your trusty flood survival in an altoids tin kit?
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
THAT depends on how far downstream you are >:-D We have the Susquehanna which comes out of Harrisburg, which comes out of NY state above us.....the flooding stage can last about a few weeks or so....even if the storm only last 2-3 days.
Conker-X6 years ago
We've been hit with the tail-end of Katia over the last two days - 45-55mph winds in my area. When I was in the shed yesterday, making the phonebot, I had to stop a couple of times because the shed was rocking.

Goodhart (author)  Conker-X6 years ago
Oy veh ! It was Katia that saved us from further damage oddly enough. She drew the attention of Lee and they went off shore together (I guess Lee lost his strength then ? ). I hope you were spared the flooding we got though.
Lots of impressive waves on the west coast (I saw a photo of waves breaking over a moving train!), and a popular CCTV clip of a roof collapsing onto a whole row of cars, but not much in the way of "disaster".

Goodhart (author)  Conker-X6 years ago
Lots of homes lost, especially along the Susquehanna, and Conestoga rivers.
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