The Great East Coast Flood....

The floods are abating and our little isle where I live sustained very little damage, but all around me, like a boat on a mount, I see the devestation that was wreaked out on the land.  

A link to some of the photos of the flood itself.


A link to what is being discovered as the waters recede....

Picture of The Great East Coast Flood....
seidnord5 years ago
Люди, которые селятся близко к водоемам должны быть готовы к таким катастрофам. И должны помогать друг другу. Это важно, так как иначе не выжить
People who settle close to water bodies should be prepared for such disasters. And we must help each other. This is important because otherwise would not survive
Goodhart (author)  seidnord5 years ago
Sadly, not a lot of water was around before hand (a river over 6 miles away, a creek is nearby). The hurricane Irene went through, soaked the ground, and then the tropical storm Lee came through with MORE water.....it just didn't have anywhere to go.
Twinmum5 years ago
Oh my. Is this all in the aftermath of Irene? We don't see a lot of US weather news here.
Goodhart (author)  Twinmum5 years ago
Technicalities: Irene soaked our ground....then "along came Lee", and when Lee dumped on us, we couldn't soak up anymore water, so we flooded. . . when Lee followed Irene up and Lee caused us MUCH more damage then Irene did. Last Friday, to get to work, I had to go 8 miles NORTH to get to my job which is east of me. It was a royal mess