The Green Glass Door game!!

This is a forum based game in which players (YOU) are trying to get objects through the mysterious Green Glass Door! The keeper's (ME) job is to make sure only the right things get through the wonderous Green Glass Door. So here is what you do... you say a random item, then I tell you whether or not it can go through. Pretty simple right?? forum rules apply and if you already know how to play or the discover the secret, DON'T RUIN IT!!!!

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username2526 years ago
Is this still on? I'll bring in a wii, some pizza, and maybe my pet poodles if you're willing.
SpinWard9 years ago
Great game!
I'll bring Scrabble and chess to the party!
Hmmm, to eat I'll bring Cheetos, carrots, and egg rolls.

  • i'm pretty proud of the last one!
Hmm, and tasty assorted muffins, apple jelly croissants, buttered cinnamon rolls, and coffee or latte for breakfast.
Wow, that was great. Funny thing is, I'm actually cooking spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and green peppers, and meatballs and we'll be having mozzarella cheese bread. This is so fun!
You must try tortellini or cavatelli shapes...Dessert with cherry whipped topping, yellow chiffon cake, blueberry sauce, marshmallow sauce, jello, macaroons, and an assorted cheese tray with swiss.
I know the game......I just cant come up with anything along the rules!!!!
You know...some foods are good, others ain't...bring a spoon, not a fork...drink from the glass, not the bowl...
ah, and I am quite fond of Pork Rillettes myself :-)
ah, the flood light on top o' the noggin went off?
Sometimes we look but refuse to see, sometimes we convince ourselves there is nothing to see, and then, occasionally, we actually look at what is in front of us, and see. It is funny though that light can't enter, but the seeing can. The doom and gloom will enter though. as I have said elsewhere: pi-pinnnnnnggggggg.
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