"The 'Ible Awards"

Ok, i got this idea whilst in the chat room. The Instructables Staff, should look out throughout the month for outstanding behavior shown by members of the community, and at the end of the month they choose someone to be the "-Ible member of the month" or have at the end of the year "The -Ible Awards" with multiple categories and the community votes on a winner, and they receive like a trophy or a badge. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment/debate.

this goes along with Keith-kid's idea from about a month ago (which he pointed out to me):


This idea was mostly a group thought, so credit goes to myself, Keith-Kid, Killerjackalope, and Adrian Monk

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I agree. Although it would have to be handled delicately, so it dosen't become a popularity contest, it should be based on specific deeds instead of "all around good guy" -ness.
KentsOkay9 years ago
I do believe I had the original idea....

Uncanny.... i used the term "Year End Ible Awards" as well....
bumpus (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
haha, great minds and such-what
When I joined instructable there was the "Outsanding Project of the Month"
bumpus (author)  lordofthedonuts9 years ago
exactly, I think that should be brought back, along with the other suggestions
Hmm sounds cool.... - Most useful member - Funniest member - Most charred member - Least likely to survive the month member...
Least likely to survive the month member...


That can definitely be applied to the people who join and start acting like they own the place/ shove opinions down our throat/ etc.

I like this awards Idea!
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