The Ideanator anticipates a name change

In the beginning...
   There was MrMcCoy
And then, I was The Ideanator
And soon, I hope to be TungstenRose!

MrMcCoy = The Ideanator = TungstenRose

(I just put in a request for a name change)

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gmjhowe7 years ago
Your as bad as RocketscientistLukeKentsokayMcCoolRandomElementPercipitation
The Ideanator (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
And yea, I'm just about as bad as kenny hehehe.
Corrections are reserved for those of us with decent names only.
The Ideanator (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
True, but I didn't know you thought you had a good name because you clearly don't :P
Its a darn sight better than 'TungstonRose'.

You picked a sub standard element, and a fairly common flower type. Rammed them together, and hoped for the best.
Weeeeeeeeewooooo weeeewoooo weeeooo

Sir, do you know why I just pulled you over?

Well, son, you wrote a sentence fragment in a Proper Grammar zone, used quotation marks improperly, and improperly separated a word and its prefix. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a ticket.

Have a nice day.
Your never going to get to me. And my grammer will always be bad. My spelling atrocius. I will always know that it bothers you. I will always never care.


I will fight the Grammar Nazis. For all of us unable to recognise the difference, and all of us who don't really worry about such things.
"I will always never care"?!
And never will I always not care.
>grinds teeth<

Double negative ARGH.

(Those two sentences don't even mean the same thing!)
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