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Hello. I have no idea how you do it. In a good way, I am jealous. Some of you can become inspired by relativly nothing and make something amazing. I on the other hand, have apparently a medical lack of inspiration.

Maybe I'm just lazy. I know its not imagination, because once i get somethign it flys around doing everything in my head.

Enough about me. I know you love me, but maybe later, okay? What I really created this topic for is for thse of you like me, and the rest of you. Post particularly amazing and inspiring things. What i mean is, artistic-wise. Post things that would inspire someone to draw/paint/aret-create, something amazing. Who-kn ows, besides +10 Karma for you, maybe the creator will love you long time?

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Goodhart5 years ago
Pyrography: burning pictures into wood

wolf picture2.JPGPicture 1861.jpgPicture 234.jpgPicture 231.jpgPicture 214.jpgPicture 225.jpgPicture 226.jpg
wow, thats amazing art goohart!
Thank you. It is harder to do now that my eyesight is starting to fade (I've alsways been near sighted, but now I am having difficulties up close too).
the ship one is amazing :D
Thank you. I really should have taken a picture of the "holiday" one I had of santa making out his "list".....the detail I had in that was something to see...but it got sold and I didn't take a picture of it. :-(
the ones you have pictured are amazing! how does one burn images into wood?
Thank you. I have seen much better works though from others. Anyways, on doing it yourself, you need a burner pencil and a few tips for it, some wood (I like basswood myself, don't use soft woods like pine, fumes are toxic), and a LOT of patience :-) Here are detailed instructions on how to get started....
wow, you must need a really steady and to do detail like that ship, its great :D
A steady hand (mine isn't so much anymore) and a good eye (my eyesight is fading too)....sigh But thank you. Some of my best pieces were wolves I did for people that asked for them.....they were both a challange and a lot of fun.
hahaha that rules me out, shaky hands
the wolves one is really good, i can't even draw, let alone do something as difficult as that
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