The Instructables Card Game - Be part of our latest joint project, earn Patches while doing so.

Want to help? Fancy some patches? Read on…

It has been a short while since the Three Deserts did anything big, so I am here to introduce our latest effort!

The Instructables Card Game!

The Instructables Card Game was inspired by the famous card game Top Trumps.
Instead of cars, or planes, the entire game will be made from Instructables Members!
The game will battle the stats from different members against each other.

We have already selected 100 candidates to be in the deck, and they know who they are. We have some spaces left, so to make sure we have a good variety, we decided to ask you to help us.

If you think there is someone that should be in the deck, shout out their name in the commments! That way you help to confirm the members we have chosen, and draw our attention to others that could be included.

Oh, and by the way, every new unique suggestion will earn yourself a nice shiny Patch.

(patches limited to one per member)

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You should make a new one, now that everyones stats are higher. Just a suggestion
I'd buy the new set.
me too
People put a lot of work into v1.0

Check out Jayefuu's Instructable on making & playing the game, then maybe see if you fancy putting your own v2.0 together.
I'm not saying v1.0 is bad, heck i think its really cool. I'm just saying that there are many new members since them who might have updated stats etc.
I know, I'm just saying that the guys put a lot of work into it last time, so maybe somebody else ought to try for v2.0?
I see your point now. I could try but i'm just a kid and don't have the proper materials.
You have a computer...

Maybe your best contribution could be to persuade folk to buy up the last sets, then a new list of people to be in a new deck.
Ahhh.... but do i have a working printer? (trying to fix it). I'll start making the cards tommorow after i get back from camp.
Wait, read the instructable: the cards were designed by 'iblers, but printed professionally, the same style as Top Trump cards.

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