The Instructables Robot takes his helmet off!!

I was just walking around minding my own business and was intently looking at funny videos of cattle on my cellular telephone and i accidentally walked down a dark alley, as i reached the end i saw the inctructables robot, i move forwards to say hi and i realize he has his helmet off, after the initial shock of having my childhood hero unmasked i quickly snap some photos so i can reveal the real so called "robot" to all the scepticals out there.

Picture of The Instructables Robot takes his helmet off!!
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I knew that he was twins with Vader! Look at the similarities!
duck-lemon (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
GorillazMiko says:
OMG!!!!!!!!... alot!

lololol i made a funny
Its Cute
Maybe on his instructables email?
Goodhart9 years ago
I would have thought he would look more like....
Well, that would be more creepy!
His secret identity ? :-)
FaqMan Goodhart9 years ago
Maybe the anit-Instructables Robot
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