The Inverted Map

This map reimagines the Earth with the idea that the oceans are the land masses and the continents are the oceans. It's interesting to see a world map where everything is connected and it would be possible to walk the entire circumference. It reminds us that what is "normal" comes from our own personal experiences.

Whether the map is a Mercator map, a Peters map, or a map of something besides the Earth, that map can have a huge effect on how you perceive it. Just like statistics, maps can be deceiving so make sure you're questioning the sources and get the best information you can.


Picture of The Inverted Map
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westfw9 years ago
Have you seen World Mapper? They create maps with country outlines distorted to reflect statistics other than land area/borders. So for instance on a map by "energy usage" the US swells up, while on a map by "malaria deaths" is shrinks to essentially nothing.

That is cool. Thanks for the link.
That reminds me of the maps on the old hardcover Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series. Wild!
Yeah your right...
ll.139 years ago
it reminds me of the Age of Empires maps. :-)
mwwdesign9 years ago
I don't think we would have enough fish this way - I vote we leave the world as it is.
diablo11239 years ago
Lol I liked this so much I'm gonna use it as wallpaper for my phone :)
Strange... I've always asked myself, "What would the world look like if the water were land and the land water?" I guess I'm not the only one.
I'd sit and stair at a map for several minute trying to picture it.
Wow, my (Safari) spell checker sucks.
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