The KLS V.2 *Updated*

Can I get a W00T for summer???

Now that summer is here I have had a bit of extra time to dedicate to my gun building, and I have completed my Semi Auto.  The Kinetic Last Stand is a small, compact semi auto rifle that utilizes 4-shot low cap removable mags and has a firing mechanism that originated from Louis XIV's semi auto, just a bit more complex.  My idea of this has been around since christmas when I posted pictures of my first attempt of this gun, however It required too much energy to pull the trigger that was necessary, and so I created the V.2, which uses a simpler, more efficient trigger that allows you to utilize the energy of 2 #64's with little effort.  The only downside is the mag capacity, which can be improved by a about 1.5 for every half moon connector that the mag, and in turn, stock, is extended.  

Thats about it...the video will demonstrate just how impressive this gun is.

Maxed out means the maximum amount of power I would use for a war for the sake of keeping a high rate of fire.

Let me know what you think!

Picture of The KLS V.2 *Updated*
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Are you going to post it!?!?! I have 14 days left until school.
: (
Seleziona5 years ago
That's Crazy! Good work
Kinetic (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Thanks! You have anything new you're working on?
Not at the moment, no. Don't have any ideas, and I don't want to make another replica.
Kinetic (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Hmmm...I designed a sling repeater a little while back but I cant build 3-layered guns for my life. Maybe you can give it a try? It has a 3 layered body with a 5 layered mag/slide. When the slide is pulled back, the bullets in it are brought above an opening and one slides in. When the slide is released, a pusher loads the bullet into the barrel. The slide also pulls back the sling band which latches on a ratchet. Let me know if you think you can do anything with it.
It's quite complicated if I must say. I would try to make it but I can't quite understand it yet. Would you mind making another picture of the slide pulled back and a bullet loaded?
Kinetic (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Yeah I'll work on another diagram for you.
Thank you very much!
Kinetic (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Here you go. Sorry for the wait.
Ahh! I get it now! Thank you so much :D
I think I just figured out a better method using an elevator instead of a gap. Heck, you could make a realistic shotgun by having it load three connectors side by side. The only problem is that the pump would have to be seven layers wide, but at least the gun could be five layers wide too for strength. I figured you could just alternate the blue rods so that the sixth layer is on the left side for some and on the right side for others. Then you can have seven layers without the ugly yellow rods sticking out. I'll make a pain image if you want. I'd love to see you try it.
Kinetic (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
Yeah a picture would be great. I just don't see where an elevator could be incorporated...they take up a lot of space.
Alright, here are some pictures for my concept. I'm not saying that this is at all how it should actually be built, I just threw this together to demonstrate what sort of thing could be done.
photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG
Kinetic (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
This is actually a very good start to a gun, seeing as everything fits well and I especially how you can take even something complex as this and make it with no protruding rods. Although this would not work with a sling like my above design, I invite you to make something of this. It is a very promising start to a very good shotgun, something the community has been craving.
Oh I don't know about that. If done right, they shouldn't take up too much. I was thinking one could be a set of red connectors with one flat side facing the magazine (to block it) and the other flat side being the bottom of the barrel. They're exactly the same length as a dark grey connector so only one set of them would load on top of it. Then on the outside, you'd have green connectors to make a ramp. When the pump is pushed against it, it'll force the elevator down and let a set of connectors load. It'd probably be easier for me to design the part I'm talking about than paint it, but I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about.
Sweet stuff. Post it soon!
Mattpower5 years ago
Nice new video. But how soon is "coming soon" in like 2 days, 2 weeks? :P because I realy want to buils this gun as soon as possible :)
Inventor X5 years ago
Arggg .... I just was sooooooo anticipating this thing right here, that I couldnt wait :P . From these pictures, and a few pics from your warbow forum, I've already assembled about half the whole gun :)
instruct395 years ago
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase post, soon!
Post soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pokerface15 years ago
It's realy a GREAT GREAT GREAT GUN. please post the instruction I know realy sure that many ppl are going to make it then.
Realy great work.
... PL3@S3 P0St !
Okay i just just saw the new video. You definitely have to post. PLEASE POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW! This is great stuff Kinetic =D
Kinetic (author)  beanieostrich5 years ago
Thanks! And by the way I just noticed you have 82 ibles? My god lol.
Oh im going to add this to the Knex Call of Duty topic of mine =D
Kinetic (author)  beanieostrich5 years ago
Sweet! Glad you saw it worthy of your list.
Well anything that is innovative, great looking, powerful, and a decent ROF will make the list =D
No problem =D And that number is just gonna keep growing =D I have the 2nd highest number of 'ibles for a knexer.
Blue being the highest?
Yes =D Hes 90 ibles and im 82 ibles =D Hes my only real competition.
tytiger335 years ago
Are you going to post the version with the twin turrets on it? And when will this be posted?

Kinetic (author)  tytiger335 years ago
I guess I can if enough people want me too...I just don't have the pieces right now. This version will be posted very soon.
Later could you rebuild the vice bolt action and post it? I mean after you post this and the version with twin turrets if you post that version. Or if you have any more pics could you post them on the vice forum. Final question why haven't you been commenting recently?
Kinetic (author)  tytiger335 years ago
The Vice? If I remember how it went I'll give it another go. Or I could just post the locking mech because that is really the only complicated part to figure out.
Sorry didn't relies this is 3 days old. Email alerts must be acting up.
Inventor X5 years ago
Revolutionary in the K'nex community. I am certain that this is what I am building next (after scrapping my other weapons. ).

Kinetic (author)  Inventor X5 years ago
Lol thanks for the W00T...I was expecting a lot more of those. You're going to love it.
On second thought could you perhaps post it or take in internal pics please. Because I think we can take this idea and improve upon it by giving it the looks and make it more practical. Love the innovation in this. =D Please post soon. I have to go back into school by August 8th because I live here in Florida. : ( Plus I got out at May 25th.
Kinetic (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t5 years ago
Yeah it will be posted very soon. The design of the mechanism is as good as I can imagine it being, but I think if I can design a vertical mag that can isolate each shot, or add a mechanism to the trigger that does so as it is released, I can greatly improve mag capacity and eliminate the need for a stock.
Mattpower5 years ago
Very very nice, how far does it shoot?

Btw, I love your Rifle, I build it, its realy awsome.
Keep up all the good work!
Kinetic (author)  Mattpower5 years ago
As shown it shoots about 30-35 ft at a comfortable trigger pull (2 #64's). I'll try to max out the bands to try to find out the full potential of the gun and get back to you.

Glad you like the rifle...that is by far my favorite gun I have made.
cj814995 years ago
Me want, NOW!!!
nathan7335 years ago
Cool, but I think the knex WASP is the best semi-auto around now. But this is still very cool in my opinion.
~KGB~5 years ago
AMAZING! =D good job!
Kinetic (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
Thanks. Glad you like it!
~KGB~ Kinetic5 years ago
no prob =D
post please
Kinetic (author)  knexfreakbuilder5 years ago
I'm hoping to have it up by the end of this week.
TheDunkis5 years ago
Well, it's not pretty nor too practical, but at least it's innovative, and that's the best starting point of any weapon.
Kinetic (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
Haha whens the last time I made something practical? At this point in time the community just needs some innovation and I think that with time, this idea can be vastly improved upon.