The K'nex Innovations Challenge (KIC) - Round 1 (UPDATES, PLEASE READ)

Seeing as a lot of interest in the challenge has been expressed, the judges and I have decided to host this round now.

This round's chosen topic is: Weapons

Any weapons are permitted for posting, so long as:
 -They are functional - all guns must fire.
 -They are your own design - this means that no modifications of other guns will be accepted.
 -They are posted between the deadline times. Any posted outside these times will not be accepted. It is also not acceptable to re-post.
 -They are posted on the site in the form of an Instructable, Slideshow, or Video. The more detailed your submission is, the more likely we are to understand your submission. Please use correct english and annotate where appropriate - we are judging on many criteria!
 -They only use K'nex pieces, rubber bands (or other means of elastic potential energy storage) string and tape. Cut pieces are permitted, but do take into account that more cut pieces won't get you better marks. We are trying to maximise the potential of K'nex, not mutilate our pieces!

Please post your entries at any time from:
12:00 Midday GMT September 1st
and no later than:
12:00 Midday GMT October 1st.
(Central American Time = 6:00 AM)

Entries will not be accepted if they are posted beyond the deadline, no exceptions.

To submit your entry, post an Instructable, Slideshow or Video of your weapon, titled "KIC Entry: <Your username> - <Submission Name>" You must post a link to me on this forum topic, or via Private Message.

Judging will commence immediately following the final deadline. The top 20 highest-scoring entries will qualify for round 2.

Please use this topic for general discussion and submission - no spam please, it makes judging and entry accepting much harder.

You have one month. Good luck!

List of Entries:

EDIT: Thanks to a suggestion from TheDunkis and Dj Radio, I am allowing teams to work on a single project in order to share ideas and optimise the weapon.

Picture of The K'nex Innovations Challenge (KIC) - Round 1 (UPDATES, PLEASE READ)
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The Jamalam (author) 4 years ago
Keep posting people! We've just passed halfway through round one :)
I want to start entering these KIC's, but how will i know when a new one is posted? Because, im guessing round 2 is going to start soon.
DJ Radio4 years ago
I'm not sure about the other 2 judges, but I'll post my rankings for this contest, since there were only 6 entries, including Jollex, except Jammy didn't update it to reflect this. We didn't get too much innovation in the entries, so after I went through all the innovative entries, I sorted it by execution and performance.

1. Jollex's Mag fed slingshot pistol- It's a mag fed slingshot pistol, the first of it's kind. 'Nuff said. This easily wins an innovation contest hands down.

2. Seleziona's SIHM2- This concept has been done before, but this is the first finalized version. However I consider the execution of this rather poor and impractical.

3. Beanieostrich's IFPP5- Wow, we need to name our stuff better. Anyways the concept in this one has been done before by Dunkis, but Beanie keeps it fresh by compacting it and putting it in pistol form.

4.knexfreak 360's double shot assault rifle- We've seen plenty of these before, and sometimes in better form, but the execution displayed here is rather clean and efficient.

5. Rec0n's M4A1 SOPMOD- There's been plenty of M4 replicas on this site, but this one is better than most. I'm not sure why rec0n was entering a replica in a contest focused on innovation though.

6. Masterdude's MHC- If you look at Masterdude's past track record, you might find that a lot of his guns use a similar pseudo-semi auto slingshot mech, and this is just slightly bigger version of his previous works, with larger ammo, which pretty much loses you points in a contest like this. I was also not really a big fan of the construction of this gun.
mahmel DJ Radio4 years ago
Why did you not make something?
He was a judge, judges were not allowed to enter stuff.
~KGB~ DJ Radio4 years ago
You always vote through your "mates" on ibles dont you.....
DJ Radio ~KGB~4 years ago
Mates? I'm not Australian, sorry.
~KGB~ DJ Radio4 years ago
Its not an australian word..... its used in other parts of the world.
DJ Radio ~KGB~4 years ago
Whatever. Point is that this wasn't bias at all. I think you're biased against first place because of the trigger, completely ignoring the fact that the crossbow pistol had a 100% new and original concept.
~KGB~ DJ Radio4 years ago
Yes, the gun works or it doesnt..... its either one...
DJ Radio ~KGB~4 years ago
It most likely does, you just have a funny trigger on it.
~KGB~ DJ Radio4 years ago
Your so stupid, the trigger is REVERSED! Now, tell me how on earth i could make that wrong?
Yeah your so stupid dj!
Get in a hole and die.
DJ Radio ~KGB~4 years ago
~KGB~ DJ Radio4 years ago
DJ Radio ~KGB~4 years ago
That's what I meant by funny trigger.
jollex DJ Radio4 years ago
Also, DJ Radio and I hate each other.
Bias aside, not rating yours, I'd say DJ's list is pretty much where I'd place the other five anywho. But you really are the only one that did anything completely new with a handle fed crossbow.
jollex4 years ago
So when are the other judges gonna do their thing? I wanna get the second round happening.
MegaMetal84 years ago
Can I enter this and mikeasaurus's contest with the same gun?

Please Reply ASAP

My idea I won't say much about but Ill leave you with a "Shotgun Type, not seen before"

It probably won't work though "/
It's encouraged.
Didn't Work. =(
The Jamalam (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago
Go for it :)
jollex4 years ago
DJ Radio jollex4 years ago
I think you're fine, we just have to wait for Jamalam to edit your entry into the topic.
Have you seen mine?
im back in nad will post gun soon
Sorry mate, its posted two weeks too early for the starting deadline.
They won't be counted. Has to have been posted from September 1st, read the rules.
knex mad4 years ago
Hey jamalam i have my entry done but i have a lil problrm i left my camera at my dads house so yould i be able to post pictures a little later than the deadline maybe thursday gmt time please thanks ill be home on thursday with my camera so it will be my first job on the list obviously if people who have entered the copotition do not want me in then i wont but yeah thats all thanks hope this will be sorted ..

Knex Mad =D
Heres mine:
im not in
What was the point of this comment exactly?
i quit
This comment section is here to post entries. Simply saying "I'm not in" is just pointless.
rec0n4 years ago
I'll recreate my old handle pump while I'm at it. Expect it in a few days if I get around to it.
TheDunkis4 years ago
Meh, guess I'll "team" up with someone whoever wants. However, I won't be able to build anything at all, simply too busy to fiddle with K'nex and I'd like to keep my gun in tact (showing off my UMP to whoever desires on campus). So I'll share ideas and guide your builds, but that's the best I can do.
Let's go.
Haha, again? I guess I did a good job just leaving all the work to you last time. >_< Alright, have any plans already? Else you probably know exactly what idea I'm going to jump to if you need one.
I have an idea I've been working on, I'll send you some pictures and description.
Alright, cool. Anticipating.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
hey guys, thought you should know that Instructables is hosting a K'nex gun challenge starting next week!
Here's the info.
What would you say to a contest merger?
They'll have to remain separate, but you can always enter both!
Seleziona4 years ago
Here's my entry: http://www.instructables.com/id/KIC-Entry-Seleziona-SIHM2/
TheDunkis4 years ago
Good luck with this. In my opinion, we're encouraging more hiding of ideas from each other. Instead of being competitive, let's be collaborative. But who knows, maybe something will turn out.
If it's OK with the jamalam, we could allow more than 1 person enter as a single entity in the contest.
The last contest that had people working in teams of two worked wonders on innovation. If you were to have, say, three people who could all work together, I'm sure the incentive and ideas would all be there to finally get shtuff done.
You will have the option to participate either by yourself, or with other people as one entry.
You're welcome.
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
I'm up for that, lemme update the thread :D
The Jamalam (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
The idea here was to get people to work hard towards a common cause and offer up innovative ideas. This might fall flat on its face but I hope not.
Read my comment.
Cool im in is there a prize for the winner?
Not that I know of, but it's just something to widen the audience into knexing, not just the same old fuddy duddies like me >:)
The Jamalam (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
There is, A patch, and a dedicated forum topic/slideshow type of thing. Don't spread false rumours :P
The Jamalam (author)  KnexFreak3604 years ago
A patch, and a dedicated forum topic/slideshow type of thing.
is superglue allowed? (small amounts)
What are you going to use it for? If it's just for securing two pieces togtether try and use tape if possible, I don't think I can allow superglue.
Time to crack out the knex.
Bartboy4 years ago
*melts down a bucket of knex and makes a slingshot*

I'd enter, but I'm just too lazy.
Does it have to be a gun? Will an interesting melee weapon count?
Yes, it would have to be a gun.
Thanks for the reply. I just had a replica in mind...
Keep in mind the focus of this contest is innovation.
oodalumps4 years ago
"top 20 entries will qualify for round 2"

What if you don't get 20 entrees? It would be safer to say that the top half move on.
If that was the case, then we'd probably do top 10, or the top 50%, like you suggest.
The Jamalam (author)  oodalumps4 years ago
Meh, if I don't I'll change stuff around a bit. I think 20 entreez will happen, the other topic showed a lot of interest in this so I hope it will be fine. Hows stuff going on KI?
MegaMetal84 years ago
GRRR. It starts as I sprain my hand.

Ill have to start a couple of days late.

And do you mean 1st September to 1st October? Read what you wrote "/
The Jamalam (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago
Good call.
Seleziona4 years ago
Sounds cool. I better get to work!
knexguy4 years ago
I have a pretty sweet idea, but it requires a bit of string (not for the trigger) to work. Will this be ok? If you need more info I can send it in a PM.
The Jamalam (author)  knexguy4 years ago
You make a good point, I think some string may be allowed in this competition. Well done for asking :P
The Jamalam (author) 4 years ago
All entries welcome providing they fit the specification! Bear in mind the top 20 entries will qualify for round 2, all others will not pass. Good luck!