The K'nex M4 Carbine

here the pics are

yes the mag does clip in and it doesnt fall out =)

On the picture where i have taken it apart i have left it 3D from the handle back, im sure u can figure it out.

Picture of The K'nex M4 Carbine
C:\Documents and Settings\Danny\My Documents\My Pictures\m4_1.jpg
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hi5er8 years ago
Nice, I think more guns need to be made to have detachable mags, alot cooler ;) Im guessing it shoots green rods? Also, Can anyone tell me why my instructables and forum topics dont appear on the website? I just posted a PPSH at this link but I cant find it on the site anywhere unless I type the link directly into my browser? I posted a help topic but it didnt appear on the site so nobody saw it... Can anyone help me plz?
DJ Radio hi5er8 years ago
It doesnt shoot, its a model. read the post!
hi5er DJ Radio8 years ago
my mistake <:D
hi5er hi5er8 years ago
An Villain8 years ago
i thought the mag was supposed to fall out
Then how do the rounds get from the mag to the chamber? Fly from where the mag has landed on the ground up into the gun?
Agreed with Mepain. Don't try sarcasm on the internet, people just think you meant what you said and you're stupid.
oh okay then, but i still want to see the rounds fly from the magazine on the ground into the chamber, if anyone could do that it would be awesome, all you would have to do is lay a lot of rounds down somewhere and not need to worry about them.
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