The K'nex Innovations Challenge (KIC) - Setup Topic

I think we all know how slowly things have been going for a while on this site, and I've been thinking, we need to encourage some innovation. So I'm holding a new competition, to see what we can get out of people when they have a bit more motivation. I'll need two impartial judges (to work with me), and a lot of contestants.

The way this competition will work is as follows:
The judges will mark each entry on a certain set of criteria, depending on the specification and brief for each round. There will be 5 rounds.
The first round is free for anybody to enter. The 20 best-performing entries will move through to round two, with a new brief.
The second round is only accessible to the top 20 from round one. The top 10 entries will make it through to round three.
Round three will host 10 candidates, and the top 5 entries will proceed to round 4.
Following round 4, the final three contestants will be chosen, and round five will be the final round/decider, and one winner will be chosen.

The winner will recieve a prize (to be agreed upon with the judges), possibly pro membership, and will definitely recieve a dedicated forum topic congratulating them on their victory.

I will need a pair of judges who are willing to give up time to build creations, and are able to talk on Skype or MSN about the competition for judging purposes. The judges will be impartial to the competition (i.e. can't enter) and non-biassed. Please contact me here.

As soon as the judges have been appointed and the topic and deadlines are chosen, I will post a topic signalling the start of round one. Please do not post any entries until the opening date as the entries will be produced to fit a brief agreed by the judges.

Judge 1: The Jamalam
Judge 2: DJ Radio
Judge 3: Lowney

I have nothing else to say, but any requests for briefs and applications for judge-hood are welcome.

Round one is now live!

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The Jamalam (author) 6 years ago
Round one is live -
im in for the competion
The Jamalam (author)  TheAwesomestDude6 years ago
Round one is live -
knexguy6 years ago
A little late, but is it cool if I jump in on this one? I've been away for ages but I'm feeling creative at the moment...
Round one is open to everyone. You have about a month I believe.
I feel like entering something for this contest as I have never been in a knex gun contest. When is the deadline for submitting an entry?
The Jamalam (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
It's not just guns, any creations. Rounds are specific.
Thanks for the advice. I will see what I can enter. I am somewhat piece limited though.
The Jamalam (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
Round one is live -
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