The K'nexecutioner - Perfect Duck's premiere super-heavy gatling.

Picture of The K'nexecutioner - Perfect Duck's premiere super-heavy gatling.
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Hey when are you going to post?
Funny you say this minutes before I got on. I actually have two things to post about...

Firstly, I hear you all and have began the lengthy process of making an instructable on this, so you all have yourselves to thank. Give me some time, though.

Secondly, I have built an incomplete but functioning prototype model of a new but similar gatling that shows much greater promise of power and range. No pictures for you guys yet. :P But it features:

- 18-barreled and motorized
- Working, but less sophisticated (still efficient) recoil dampening system like Red Impact (On every barrel)
- Each barrel supports 2x 1/4 lb postal rubber bands (K'nexecutioner uses one per barrel)
- One-handed firing and ability to comfortably dual-weild

Stay tuned. :)
hey i realise that you made this comment a year ago, but i was wondering where you get the 1/4 lb elastic bands? or are they the red ones that are about 1/3 inch across?
Perfect Duck (author) 10 years ago
For some reason, it doesn't show up when clicking my name or on the KNEX GUNNERS list yet. But here it is.
im making a chaingun and im using sum of ur ideas on ammo so im giving u credit for tht!and the gun is like so fabulous jk its awesum
does it shoot yellow rods? probly shoots at 20 rods per sec? and it probly shoots 20ft? any its a pain to carry around and shoot and would be impractical in a battle situation?
killerk you have a challenge now, you have to make a better mg than this game on!
Perfect Duck (author)  Knex Lego Maniac10 years ago
What you see in the video and in the picture is the gun firing yellow rods. Is this the first belt-fed automatic K'nex gun to fire yellow? 40 rods over 10 seconds = 4 rounds per second = 240rpm. With yellow, I'd give it 25 feet. 30 feet when firing blue. Keep in mind that this is with one single rubber band per barrel, and the video (and picture) are of it in prototype form.

I won't post an instructable until I'm satisfied that it couldn't be improved any further.

Analyzing it, I'm honestly happy enough that it can be operated at all while being carried. That makes it mobile, despite its cumbersome size. Since making the video, I've improved on its stands and it does very well on the ground or propped on something, as opposed to simply holding it (Quite honestly, it's not that uncomfortable to hold, it's held like personal miniguns). It's certainly not something that everyone in a team of ten should bring, but its place in a battlefield would be primarily for strategic none-shall-pass heavy gun emplacement. Doubtful a safe point covered by one of these at the entrance would be overtaken easily. Carried by hand, it's crowd control, sporting 40 yellow rods and the ability to dish them out quickly. It lacks range, that's its most serious problem. Size and weight are tolerable, I think.
the reason i build a gun like this is coz i enjoy the build because i dont rearly do much with a gun after i built it i just fire it at the wayy then a week later dismantal it except the red impact is the longest ive kept a gun
i can't view the vid right now for some reason but i think the gun is very creative
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