The Laws - a rebranding for newer members.

Some of the regulars will remember that, nearly two years ago, I accidentally formulated a set of rules (which some people called "Laws") about posting on Instructables.

I have seen a few threads and posts recently that suggest some people need to be reminded about those Laws. I also think they need rebranding, so I present for members who have been around for only a year or so...

The Instructable Laws:

Zeroth Law

If an Instructable exactly like yours has not already been posted, then you shall post your Instructable.

Addendum to the Zeroth Law

If your Instructable has an identical goal to a pre-existing Instructable, but achieves that goal by a different or improved route, or in a different style, then you shall also post your Instructable.

Kelsey's Corollary;

It doesn't have to be hard to be worth making an Instructable.

First Law

On the Instructables website, the use of correct grammar and spelling (no matter what the language) shall be a constant criterion.

Second Law

An unsuitable thread, when isolated from replies, will descend the list into obscurity.

Addendum to the second law

Spam advertisers may be chastised through the Private Message system to prevent their thread's longevity.

Third Law

As the level of civility approaches absolute zero, the uselessness of an exchange of posts approaches infinity.

The original "Law"
The original formulation of the full set
Zeroth Law and notes.
First Law and notes.
Second Law and notes.
Third Law and notes.

Picture of The Laws - a rebranding for newer members.
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santy226 years ago
Thou shalt not revive old/troll threads
Thou shalt NOT make a one word comment.
Thou shalt use the Save and Draft functions.
I think this counts as reviving an old and troll thread, or at least string of comments :P
Thanks for 1300th comment.
Your welcome?
What about his welcome?
You're Welcome?
Derin santy226 years ago
Kiteman (author)  Derin6 years ago
Derin Kiteman6 years ago
Diagonal left.
Dammit one word comments only.
Thou shalt use unintentional irony to support the first point.
...and if there is no point, and seemingly pointless or misunderstood by either party, argue the point to pointlessness.
Um, what Save and Draft functions?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
How long is it since you wrote an Instructable?

Ah, I thought he meant for comments (but I don't know of a specific Draft feature...).
Draft is what happens when you leave Windows open.
Oh, I thought that was called a BSoD.
Are you suggesting that I was, er, BSoDded when I wrote that?

And is anyone going to get the pun?

I think so...
smartish5 years ago
issac asimov i believe foundation series or perhaps one of the play offs.
Kiteman (author)  smartish5 years ago
Allow me to translate - I speak fluent word salad:

"Ah! You are imitating Issac Asimov! I believe the inspiration was drawn from his Foundation series, or perhaps a spinoff of the same."
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
Ah, then smartish is not smart enough to recognise a pastiche of the laws of thermodynamics.

It's a looong time since read any of the Foundation books, maybe thirty years...

And I am still having trouble getting used to seeing a face next to your name.
fact is but fiction in relation to all.
wenpherd6 years ago
This is good.
Matt214976 years ago
And what happens if one breaks such laws?
Kiteman (author)  Matt214976 years ago
Then you are doomed forever, sir, to a featureless life.
Then what do I have to loose from where I am at?
You could loose the chains that bind you. You could loose your shoelaces. You could loose your buttons. Or you could tighten up your spellchecking.
Just don't loose your mind....
I think most people have a mind,  it is more about whether they USE it or not  ;-) 

Some brains are gathering dust even as we speak   LOL 
Oh NO! Not the shoelaces they where nice and checkered
I'm glad your shoelaces are in a nice and checkered place :-)
A checker board?
Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
Corollary bump.
Cartoon bump.

Yeah, and we like Kiteman too  ;-) 

I do suggest some other bylaws... One being that no other law shall be passed within the land of 'ibles... Mainly to stop terribly unfunny copycat threads, or simply foolish threads about people's laws.
That's a bit ironic. Making a law that breaks itself?
The use of the word other means it doesn't break itself but consequently any other law that comes after the fact is unlawful, maybe a law about the creation of laws, appropriate channels and such makes more sense, though an "end law" seems like a pretty cool law...
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
"Rule four: there is no rule four"
"Rule five: refer to the zeroth rule"
Rule Six:No other rules may be posted and validated,with the exception of this one.
kelseymh Derin7 years ago
Rule 7: The winning team shall be the first team that wins.
Rule 8- DJ Radio pwns all. End of story.
Rule 9 - Disregard Rule 8 as it is a violation of the First Law.
Rule 10- disregard rule 9 as rule 8 does not violate the first law.
Yes it does, pwn is not a word. OED it if you must.
OED is not a word. Also, pwn is a real word, alternate short version of owned....
Incorrect sir, it is a shortening of "pawned"
I always thought it was "perfectly owned."
<Old Geek>
Pwned was a mistype of the word Owned, which was used to indicate superiority during fast paced, first person shooters and MMPORGs. Since it was unweildly to try to correct after the fact, and the Ego trip of the "Pwn"-er could not admit a typo, it evolved into a more surreal version of "Owned", Indicating a Massive achievement of owner-ship.

The more you know... the more useless the info.
Hi, RS. I'm afraid DJ is half right on this one. It's a "leet" derivation of owned, as discussed here (I had to look it up myself the first time I saw it used).

DJ is, of course, trivially wrong about the OED. Perhaps he isn't familiar with the 20 volumes.
half pwn! but yeah, I aint familiar with the 20 volumes....
You could type "OED" into Google...
didn't your teacher ever tell you to not to cite wikipedia as a source?
the use of the word pwnd as pawned was slightly used about 3 years ago (?)
alot of my WoW friends used to say it as pawned. One used to make fun of me because I pronounced it wrong =0
but pawned was slightly used, but not any more
look that up in your Funk'n'Wagnall (I just wanted to say that, sounds like...)
We always used it in Runescape.. along with Ko'ed i pwn u noob, teh kbd ko'ed me
Meh, I've always heard and used it to mean "pawned", and 0wnd or 0w3n or ownz for "owned"...
Don't know from my own experience, just what I read. Back in my day, this "leetspeak" stuff was just for newbies and script kiddies.
Rule 10 - Ignore all laws that aren't by Kiteman
Rule 11- Ignore rules 4-10
You really need to learn when a joke ends...
jokes on the Internet suck, it's hard to tell if someone is jk or not......
That's not what I meant.
Perhaps this phrase may help:
First time funny
Second time silly
Third time annoying
Fourth time, "Where the hell is my shotgun?"
you forgot fifth, sixth, and seventh
after discharging the shotgun, there wouldn't be a fifth time, right? :-)
I took the bullets out of his gun and put in blanks. ;-)
Shotguns don't fire bullets. They fire shot, which is stored inside a shell. You, sir, have just been owned.
Not all shotguns use shot. Some use deer slugs.
Ah, but did you get them all... :-)
Yeah.... If I didnt, I wouldnt be talking to you because i was dead.........
bumpus DJ Radio7 years ago
I just got 31 emails from this thread....
Goodhart bumpus7 years ago
Here lies the body of the joke of a gun, Slipped and fell, upon it's bun.
Psst, he hasn't found it yet ;-)
yeah, I burned the bullets.......
don't you watch mythbusters? That can be dangerous.
Somehow bullets in shotguns sounds totally.. wrong, I fear you got a deer slug atween the eyes my good chapy...
Kiteman (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
DJ, read all the links.

Read all the comments with those links.

Now read your posts in this thread.

That is why Laws 1-3 are needed here.
Agreed. Except that one.
DNFTT please.
i think its a little too late dontcha?
Eh, never too late to quit...
trolls are people too!!! no wait, there trolls
And don't feed the trolls or they will follow you home...
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
That only happened once last time around, and that faded quickly under the influence of the Second Law. What I have posted here is the result of quite a bit of discussion (see the links), so I think they are acceptable to the vast majority of members. They're pretty much a simple formalisation of the simple manners we expect here.
Aye, they cover general circumstances pretty well, I'd say something about general equality, anti abuse and the like however I'd say that's covered by the be nice policy. Also as for my experiments, they look like a dead end, unless I get some fancy equipment, like zinc it forms a solid gel as it oxidizes...
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
Ouch - but at least you still have your eyes!