The Laws - a rebranding for newer members.

Some of the regulars will remember that, nearly two years ago, I accidentally formulated a set of rules (which some people called "Laws") about posting on Instructables.

I have seen a few threads and posts recently that suggest some people need to be reminded about those Laws. I also think they need rebranding, so I present for members who have been around for only a year or so...

The Instructable Laws:

Zeroth Law

If an Instructable exactly like yours has not already been posted, then you shall post your Instructable.

Addendum to the Zeroth Law

If your Instructable has an identical goal to a pre-existing Instructable, but achieves that goal by a different or improved route, or in a different style, then you shall also post your Instructable.

Kelsey's Corollary;

It doesn't have to be hard to be worth making an Instructable.

First Law

On the Instructables website, the use of correct grammar and spelling (no matter what the language) shall be a constant criterion.

Second Law

An unsuitable thread, when isolated from replies, will descend the list into obscurity.

Addendum to the second law

Spam advertisers may be chastised through the Private Message system to prevent their thread's longevity.

Third Law

As the level of civility approaches absolute zero, the uselessness of an exchange of posts approaches infinity.

The original "Law"
The original formulation of the full set
Zeroth Law and notes.
First Law and notes.
Second Law and notes.
Third Law and notes.

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Kiteman (author) 1 year ago

In light of several similar questions I've seen posted recently, I'm bumping this ancient topic.

Remember: as long as it's your own work, Thou Shalt Post!

Most amusing.

I'll touch on these soon enough.

santy227 years ago
Thou shalt not revive old/troll threads
Thou shalt NOT make a one word comment.
Thou shalt use the Save and Draft functions.
I think this counts as reviving an old and troll thread, or at least string of comments :P
Thanks for 1300th comment.
Your welcome?
What about his welcome?
You're Welcome?
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