The Macy's Day Parade Was Just Rick Rolled!! (UPDATE WITH VIDEO)

The float for Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends float started off with "You're My Best Friend" then it cut to Rick Atsley's "Never Gonna Give You Up'!!!

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You must decide between him, Nicolas Cage, and Will Smith! YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS!!!
Nicolas Cage! Twas easy!
mg0930mg9 years ago
I almost, went and sang in it, but didn't feel like it. When I went last time it was very, very cold. I sang in it two years ago. With that chick from america's got talent, I think. When we did rehearsals they videotaped us. If you can find that, I am wearing a big pink fuzzy jacket, stolen from a girl I know. It's kinda funny.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
I did not think that was a good Rick Roll. The announcer hyped it up and the only victims were thousands of innocent little kids watching who were expecting to see Foster's Home characters sing. They got burned without knowing who this Rick guy is. Now, if a marching band who made it through tough competition and auditions to get into the parade with a classic performance and traveled thousands of miles to be in the parade broke out into a Rick Roll, that would be something. C'mon producers of the show, where is your true spirit of the holidays?
>Good Rick Roll That's a contradiction in terms, good buddy. Contradiction in terms.
PT Barnum would have been proud of the Rick Roll. Sure, it's an annoying prank but at the end of the day no one gets their eyes poked out. Points given for execution of the Rick Roll and bonus points for the level of hoodwinking the dupee. I haven't seen an awesome Rick Roll but it's waiting to happen.
You make some good points. I do think, though, that an awesome Rick Roll would probably not include one where you have to chase the stupid windows ALL OVER THE DESKTOP to close it. I hate that.
I think wine connoiseurs describe it as alluring yet faintly mysterious, deceptive in presentation, slighty acidic with a bitter finish. Avoid it if you can.
I disagree! I think this was possibly the best thing to happen after my lovely meal today. The rest of season with certainly be downhill from here! :P
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