The Name Escapes Me

I was digging through a pile of old stuff the other day, when I found an old toy I built. It is made from a wooden dowel with notches in it and a propeller at one end. When you rub the notches with a stick (a secret way), the propeller spins, and can change directions allmost at one (with the secret). I think it's called a Huwie stick? I'd hate to make on iBle on this without knowing the name!

Also, I need to know if these are spelled spelt** right:
Roy Rogers and Shirley Temple
They are also my next iBle.

**Ha! Take that, Goodhart! :P

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Goodhart9 years ago
The title of this forum reminds me of a song.....LOL

. Today, I had dinner with my Mother and Aunt. They both have Alzheimer's and, since my surgery, I'm not much better. We spent a lot of time trying to guess what each other was trying to remember. heehee
You had surgery?! On what? Are you okay? Why didn't you tell us?! We didn't get you a t-shirt!
. I had open heart surgery 7-8 years ago. I "died" on the table and haven't been the same since. . You can still send me a t-shirt, if you like. ;)
>Phew< I thought you had another one! Aw. :( How so, if you don't mind my asking?
Aw. :( How so, if you don't mind my asking?

It is standard procedure.....they pump your blood through a filter, etc, and then they MUST stop your heart.....oxygen, etc is added by means of machines, so you are not breathing appearance, one is dead. ;-)
No, I meant, how was he not the same...I know about the surgery... :)
. Mainly an inability to concentrate for very long. . I can easily recall song lyrics from the '70s, but can't remember if I fed the dogs or not.
Oh my mistake (sincere apologies), I don't know about him, but it changed MY perspective a LOT *yes indeed* Things that were important before become less so, and some things (like relationships on going) become more important....time becomes a factor too.
None needed Goodhart. :-) I see what you mean.
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