The Neighbors Project

Today's feature is the Neighbors Project.

How well do you know your neighbors, and your neighborhood? The Neighbors Project covers some easy ways to get acquainted. Start with the basics, like How to say Hi to a stranger on the street and How to make sure your neighbors get their mail if it ends up in your box, then move on to more complicated projects like How to get a tree planted on your block and How to increase produce in your local corner store.

Your neighborhood is what you make it, so choose to make your community a better place! The Neighbors Project can help. Check them out, and get inspired.

So, what are you doing in your neighborhood?  How would you like to help out?

This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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bettbee6 years ago
Instructibles is now involved in Pepsico? What's next, misleading ads for HFCS?

Backing away slowly . . .
canida (author)  bettbee6 years ago
We chose to run this Pepsi ad campaign because they're giving away large grants to fund charitable projects.  They're also encouraging people to think about and discuss ideas that improve the world, thus this series of posts on Instructables.

This is a great way for a large corporation to use their advertising dollars, and we're absolutely encouraging it. 

bettbee canida6 years ago
Well I love the idea, just not the sponsor.

Pepsi's products, along with those of their many corporate processed-food confrères, harm a great many people. Ad campaigns like this are attempts to divert people's attention from the epidemics of childhood obesity, type II diabetes, aspartame-related disorders and other ills caused by such products.

This is like King Leopold II of Belgium using his ill-gotten gains from the Belgian Congo to fund some pretty little "be friends with your neighbors" campaign knowing that most folks would prefer to look at the pretty rather than the ugly, and just forget all that enslavement, mutilation and torture.

Of course you can argue that people are themselves responsible for what they stuff in their own faces, but that argument ignores elements like the fact that parents give this stuff to their kids, or the totally misleading High Fructose Corn Syrup ads, which use quasi-scientific linguistic legerdemain to mislead consumers about this potentially dangerous ingredient.

Consumers believe these ads for several reasons, high among those the fact that the ads represent authoritative permission to allow oneself to continue doing something one likes, regardless of actual truth. (For some reason, people believe what they hear on TV.)

I'm just here reminding folks of all that.
Please don't stop, U R so on point, I could not have said it any grander..........
Kryptonite6 years ago
Very nice, I like it! Where I live there is not enough anything between neighbours.
canida (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
I recommend starting interactions with food.  That makes everyone happy. ;)
We're buying a little farm and we're planning a wood fired pizza house warming night... got the majority of the area invited already!
canida (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Sounds good - wish I lived nearby!
I'll save you a slice.

Disclaimer: If you do not retrieve this slice by the end of the night, it is mine.


canida (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
In that case, save me a slice of your favorite. ;)
Can do! : )

Oh wait, seems I'm working that night and I can't go, oh well, I'll get my parents to get pictures.
I love the neighbours projects, it's a small place here and I know people everywhere yet for some reason I know none of my actual neighbours at all...
canida (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Sounds like you've got a project on your hands.  Maybe introduce yourself to one neighbor per week, or per month?  As I said to Kryptonite, food usually helps smooth social interaction.
It's not lack of trying... I even threw pastries at them!

Actually the issues simple snobbishness, I don't fit in to the middle class family area too well those that do speak to me tend to be the quirkier ones, which are likable.
canida (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Throwing pastries?  No wonder - they were probably too surprised to duck.
Plasmana canida6 years ago
Agreed, when my family recently moved to another place in England, we immediately got invited by a stranger (neighbor) next door for lunch party with other neighbors as well, we got to know most of our new neighbors quite quickly. :)
 Well I have tried the food thing with one set of neighbors ,his wifes nice but you can tell he's very judgemental. Though my elderly neighbors always call on me when they need something. I just had to go down yesterday to turn their main breaker on again. Second time in as many months but still feels good to help someone out. 
canida (author)  artist without a medium6 years ago
It's great that they know you well enough to be able to call for a hand.   We're setting up a neighborhood watch and emergency group that's supposed to be able to do exactly that sort of thing in case of an earthquake or fire.  It's good to know your neighbors, especially in case of a disaster. ;)
Sunkicked6 years ago
I wish there was still such a thing as a corner store in my area. You'd think a town of less than 15,000 you'd think there would be such things. Alas, there are not. There are good neighbors though! Maybe I'll try to get some trees planted on my block this year...
canida (author)  Sunkicked6 years ago
Clearly you don't ilve in an urban-enough environment.  Go go go with the trees, though!

Does your place get trick-or-treaters?  That's the way we managed to interact with the neighbors when we lived in Boston.  Our haunted front porch drew kids from across the neighborhood.
Ninzerbean6 years ago
Last year I bought a puppy I could walk around my new neighborhood so I could meet people - end result is that I have three really good friends, 2 new friends for my son, lots of dog-walking pals and one really wonderful dog.
canida (author)  Ninzerbean6 years ago
Smart!  I've noticed that all the dog people talk to one another.  It's a club. ;)
And I'm finding babies seem to be conversation magnets too, almost as much as dogs.