The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1 Results)

The results for the first round of the contest.
Good luck to the people who moved on!


1st: Kairah --- Kairah's K'nex Train V01 --- 770/800 points.
2nd: Jollex --- K'nex Snowmobile --- 640/800 --- points.
3rd: (Atlas) --- Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension --- 620/800 points.
4th: Silentassasin21 --- Willy's Jeep --- 610/800 points.
5th: Knexguy --- FN-SCAR-H --- 600/800 points.
5th: ZakS95 --- K'nex Car --- 600/800 points.
6th: Serial-Cricket --- Horse Drawn Carriage --- 590/800 points.
7th: 222222222539 ---- Every Terrain Tank With Fully Automatic Turret - 580/800 points.
8th: K'nex Mad --- Knex 4WD Truck --- 550/800 points.
9th: DJ Radio --- 4WD Tank - 540/800 points.
10th: Killer~SafeCracker --- K'nex Racer --- 530/800 points.
11th: The Jamalam --- T.N.K.I.T I-Think-Entry --- 510/800 points.
12th: Owen-Mon-82397 --- K'nex Car (TNKIT Entry) --- 490/800 points.
13th: Heat-Seeker --- "Gypsy" Caravan --- 480/800 points.
14th: Cj81499 --- The New K'nex Innovations Tournement Car --- 400/800 points.
15th: AJLeece --- Random Car For TNKIT --- 360/800 points.
16th: Millawi Legend --- K'nex Tunes Puller --- 310/800 points.

The people who aren't listed did not move on because they were too late.
Link to round 2:

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jollex8 years ago
Skreetsha (author)  jollex8 years ago
Lol, you should check out his entry, then you'll know it isn't faulty judging ;)
I meant that as in it's higher than I should be. Zak's car should have definitely been higher than mine, along with some others.
viccie is one of the fariest knexers i know on ibles!
Thanks man :P
yeh but its true
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
Nah, you deserved it, especially since you managed to color coordinate it.
Skreetsha (author)  jollex8 years ago
Thats your opinion.
heat-seeker8 years ago
I know could the next round be fairground rides!!!
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