The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 2 Results)

Sorry, i was all busy with the game called Little Big Planet, creating levels, etc.
But here are the results, and again, everyone who posted something moved on.
So here are the scores so you have something to brag about.
And good luck in the next round!

1st: Killer~SafeCracker --- TBAR Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle --- 700/800 points.
2nd: ZakS95 --- Turret Bow --- 670/800 points.
3rd: K'nex Mad --- TNKIT Entry --- 660/800 points.
4th: SilentAssasin21 --- K'nex FAMAS Contest Entry --- 650/800 points.
5th: AJLeece --- Giant Rail Gun 'O' Doom --- 640/800 points. 
6th: Millawi Legend --- My TNKIT Entry --- 625/800 points.
7th: DJ Radio --- OMEN XR --- 620/800 points.
8th: Owen-Mon-82397 --- K'nex Break Action Shotgun --- 600/800 points.
8th: K'nexguy --- K'nex MP5 --- 600/800 points.
9th: (Atlas) --- K'nex FAMAS --- 570/800 points.
10th: CJ81499 --- New Knex Innovations Chalenge Round 2 Cj81499's Entry --- 530/800 points.

The people who are not listed did not move on.
Link to round 3: https://www.instructables.com/community/The-New-Knex-Innovationists-Tournament-TNKIT-4/

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The Jamalam7 years ago
Lol I call the next wildcard spot XD
He doesn't even HAVE wildcards.  That's TVIKT.
He did in the last round.
Oh ok.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Atlas had a better FAMAS than silentassassin.  Oh and you have 2 #8 positions.
Mine came out first so it was kinda like he saw mine and tried to one up me but origanallity i bet got me huge points.
You didn't make the first famas model.  Oh and his looks more realistic IMO.
Mine was the first one entered into a comp that is what i meant.
I don't see how that has to do with anything.  His looks nothing like yours.  Everything on his Famas is different than everything on yours.
Knarez DJ Radio7 years ago
I thought Atlas was a girl.
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