The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1)

The category is "K'nex Vehicles".

Only one thing to remember, 2-16 wheels on your vehicle needed!
You can show it in a Forum Topic, a Slideshow, or a Video.
The things where your vehicle will be judged on:

- Originality
- Looks
- Added Functions Such As: Suspension, Engine Model, Etc
- Reliability

If you have made something, post a link here, and i'll judge it as soon as i see it.
Enter it before 1 September 2009, or you'll be disqualified.

- St J - Entry:
- Millawi Legend - Entry:
- Kairah - Entry:
- Shadowninja31 - Entry:
- Silentassasin21 - Entry:
- DarthVader - Has been banned sadly enough, so he can't enter anything.
- (Atlas) - Entry:
- Jollex - Entry:
- ZakS95 - Entry:
- Knexguy - Entry:
- 222222222539 - Entry:
- Killer SafeCracker - Entry:
- LordSnipe - Entry:
- Owen-mon-82397 - Entry:
- Cj81499 - Entry:
- Dj Radio - Entry:
- KillerPanda - Entry:
- Heat-Seeker - Entry:
- Serial-Cricket - Entry:
- Yannyboy - Entry:
- Katarukito - Entry:
- Ajleece - Entry:
- Knex Mad - Entry:
- Knexmaster7000 - Entry:
- Darth Gecko Man - Entry:
- The Jamalam - Entry:

Do your thing, guys!


Picture of The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1)
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Thats a little rough giving him the slip because there were no batteries to be found, no? It only means like one less day to be building his round two entry. I personally think you should let him back in, but your the boss.
I personally think that it is not fair that he gets the exception to slip in late. He had several months to build an entry.
Why? He had his entry built in time, just a slight technicality held up photos for being posted for a day or two. And honestly, if you hadn't gotten photos up in time I would have said the exact same thing for you. A little extra kindness isn't something bad, is it?
I guess so. But it just seems unfair since they had all this time.
Why unfair?
He had 2 months to build something. He could have bought extra batteries during this time.
Holy smokes. Is letting him in isn't hurting you is it? You are not paying a great price to let him in? Do you really think it is unjust to let someone in a few hours late? Have you ever heard of the word grace? In the TGKT Jollex (whom you seem to think is a terrible person) pushed back the entry date for me and the others, then I pushed it back again for Viccie and s0elkill3r a few weeks more, and your whining I think someone should be let in because even though his entry was a day late? Get your act together man.
Well, I guess we have different opinions on this. I don't think its fair because Ive missed some deadlines in contests in real life, but Ive seen others who still got their entries accepted even though they were late just because the late entrants were friends with the judges. I thought the entry date was pushed back at first because nobody posted an entry, and then you ended up winning by default because nobody else posted anything after the deadline was moved.
Ohey, I'm not a judge. I'd have done the same thing for you. And in the TGKT, it was pushed back because there were no entries, then I put it on hold indefinitely. s0elkill3r forfeited, and Viccie was nowhere to be found, so Jollex wrapped it up.
Well, I am not a goody two shoes, so I would have accepted. But I just feel the way I do because of the reason above. I was denied due to being late when others got in when they were also late.
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