The New Pollution

A green revolution is supposed to lead us to a utopia where the birds chirp and the human stain is smaller on the planet, but sometimes the new looks a little too much like the old.

Take this story about biofuel plants dumping glycerin into rivers. Sure, it can be broken down by organisms, but it still causes big problems when dumped into ecosystems, just like the black stuff.

"They're really considered nontoxic, as you would expect," said Bruce P. Hollebone, a researcher with Environment Canada in Ottawa and one of the world's leading experts on the environmental impact of vegetable oil and glycerin spills.

"You can eat the stuff, after all," Mr. Hollebone said. "But as with most organic materials, oil and glycerin deplete the oxygen content of water very quickly, and that will suffocate fish and other organisms. And for birds, a vegetable oil spill is just as deadly as a crude oil spill."

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Exactly, It's like spilling fertiliser, which is far more destructive in some cases, it causes algal blooms and the like and suddenly all the water in the world is one big stagnant pond...
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Exactly, though moon real estate is booming...
Yeah, but you need "air tight" deals for those to go to settlement. :-)
For the obviousness of subject that pun was obscure...
actually, i found that joke fairly funny.
it was funny I just thought it was obscured slightly for some reason, something about the sentence construction pushes the punchline away from the reader... I think it's settlement...

Still [http// not plugging just pointing]
Settlement was part of the pun intended ;-) but that part IS more obscure LOL
I know but it took away__________________In fact no they took away from eachother, I'm not one for chain punning that's all, most people would find that funnier than I did...
Hmm, chain punning.....I like to refer to them as "running puns" LOL Like a running joke, where each one plays off the last one and goes in another direction...but then my thinking is rather Ricochet Rabbit like ;-)
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