The New XBOX 360

I just want to hear what you guys think about about the new xbox, which was released yesterday, I have heard it has built- in Wi Fi, quieter running, looks good and has a massive 250 gb hard drive.
PS3 owners don't start bragging about ps3 here, just honestly say what you think about it.

Advantages over current XBOX 360:
>250 GB Internal Hard Drive
>Improved reliability
>Internal Wi Fi at the strongest strength, not en extra £60 ($100)
>Kinect Ready
>Only $299 0r around £180-200 (same price as the current elite)
>Amazing new retro looks to the original XBOX

here is the Microsoft Website (a bit biased though!)

Picture of The New XBOX 360
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Doctor What7 years ago
I'm usually hesitant towards gimmicks (I bought a wii and was very disappointed), but I was thoroughly excited when Natal was announced last year. This year's game lineup for Kinect has me a bit worried though..... But I'll probably pick up this new console anyway, and that stupid little camera.
TheFoofinator (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
The Kinect or the current camera, by the way Kinect is going to be around £50- £60, don't know in dollars though.
$150 US dollars.
TheFoofinator (author)  Randomguy657 years ago
It's £130 here
Randomguy657 years ago
Yay!!! I got Kinect!!!
Randomguy657 years ago
I can't get it. I just hope Kinect will work with the Elite...........
it will work with all 360s but you will need to spend an extra $50 plus the price for Kinect, to buy a USB to Kinect adapter
Also, instead of the RROD, it has a red dot of death. It also shuts itself off to prevent from overheating and breaking when that happens.
TheFoofinator (author)  Randomguy657 years ago
Yeah it it will, on some of the videos it shows the current elite with the Kinect on...
junits157 years ago
I have it and love it!! for one, its a fingerprint magnet. Its very quiet, microsoft removed the fans from the back for one larger quieter fan on the side. To me it seems like it runs cooler than the original. Heat pours out of my friends xboxes, make no mistake this one gets hot but not as hot. The hard drive is way better, it goes straight into the xbox, through a small door on the bottom, keeping it concealed. The hard drive has been changed also, so if you do get this you will need to use a flash drive to move your data over. the biggest plus for me is the wifi, it supports 802.11N, i do have an N router, but there is some sort of discrepancy between the to so right now I'm on G, which in all honesty is more than enough speed. But not having to run an Ethernet cable is really great!! I got mine with a free controller from target. I think it's well worth the $300.00
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