The Nintendo DS Lite

I am absoloutly thinkin' the DS look so damn fun! I just wanna hear your veiws on the cool looking handheld. Have you got one? Do you like it/ why? Best game? Why is it good? Best color to get it in? P.S - I so wanna get one!!!!

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MK34246 years ago
you should better wait untill the nintendo 3DS comes out this is a cool console you can play 3ds games without using 3d glasses
Kiteman9 years ago
Both my boys have them. Youngest has a pet hamster on it, eldest plays a lot of pokemon.

The best feature to my mind is the local networking - quite a lot of the games can be played on two or more consoles at once by wirelessly downloading snippets of software from the console with the cartridge.

Some of the games can be played over the web (either with individuals with known IDs or with anonymous people across the world).

Personally, I've always been a fan of good ol' Tetris, but Worms: Open Warfare is getting under my skin as an evening wind-down (#1 son knows when I've borrowed it because he has to charge his DS in the morning).
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, #1 son is on his his second DS - the hinges split apart after four or five months' use, without any physical abuse from him.

We got it replaced by the store where we bought it, even without the receipts (it turned out that I had taught half the staff in the store...)
i am on my second ds to. my first ds was the orignal and it got bricked.
howd you brick it?
i almost bricked mine by accidentally dropping it down the stairs... i might think twice about a wrist strap. it still works though!
I almost destroyed the wifi function of mine, i was trying to add an external antenna but accidentially ripped the antenna connector off of the wifi module, I had to solder two wire wrap wires to the contacts and flood it with glue, but it works now :)
as long as it works... it doesn't have to be pretty. i was thinking of an external antenna myself... i do have a spare wifi antenna lying around from the ds that saved mine, i might as well try! i'll post back with some results junits.
Baron A (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Hahah. Did you used to teach then?
Kiteman Baron A9 years ago
I still do - mostly science and maths.
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