The Only Idea I Have.

Well, here's my only idea for the LED competition, seeing as I'm a complete noob at LEDs. LED illuminated Jello. It will be weak compared the other LED Instructables, so, I guess I'm asking for you're opinion on the idea. There could be a chance for the random prize. UPDATE prototype made, see picture.

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its a lion9 years ago
Why not? Actually it could be pretty cool. Besides, it would give you experience for when you want to use LEDs for another competition.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  its a lion9 years ago
It's essentially LED throwies suspended in layers of Jello. I need to get some batteries though, I just realized the ones I bought don't work.
if you were to put a nine volt in jello, would it create hydrogen and oxygen, and then lit it, would it blow up?
no. this is somthing a lot of people forget: 1) unless you were to somhow trap the h an o, they would bleed harmlessly to the surrounding air. 2) oxgene facilitates combustion, but does not expload 3)hydrogene, like gasoline, requires specific conditions to expload. gasoline must be exactly 15% concentration. hydrogen must be pressurised or better yet, liquified. you now what woul be cooler; instead of an led under a plate, several leds pulsating under the plate, so the jello is lit from all sides, but never 2 sides at the same time.
2) oxygen facilitates combustion, but does not explode

I just CAN'T get this one through my wife's sometimes thick skull. *sigh*
My mother doesn't believe this either.
You still don't want to get something "flaming" near an O2 tank as the fire itself with flare up tremendously. But every time we walk pass a smoker, my wife walks on the other side of the road, saying she doesn't want to explode *sigh*.
gmoon Goodhart9 years ago
She may be incorrect, but at least she's got a healthy respect for combustion.

Now tell her that oxygen is poisonous, that'll really mess with her...
Goodhart gmoon9 years ago
So is dihydrous monoxide (H2O)

Name any news outlet, national, local or otherwise, and every one of them has fallen for this kind of joke, taking something seriously even if it was meant as funny in its original format. Check on how many news outlets and cities reacted to the dangers of “Dihydrous monoxide,” based on a science fair joke perpetrated at a junior high school in Idaho Falls (check it out on snopes (dot) com. If you think this stupidity is unique to FOX, you’ve not been watching or reading any news at all, have you?

it doesn't say much for our media for sure...
gmoon Goodhart9 years ago
As a former member of the much maligned media (a photojournalist for 4 or 5 yrs after college)--I do agree, mostly.

For instance, have you ever seen a live feed of a NASA press conference? Some of those reporters couldn't change the batteries in a flashlight. And they are supposed to be the smart one's....

However, based on the grammar and sentence structure evident here on instructables, there is something to the right brain/left brain thing.

There's also an inherent snobbery to each archetype: both engineers and english majors wouldn't lower themselves to learn something about the other discipline. That doesn't excuse it, of course.

But today, there are growing movements merging art and science. Maybe that's a signal of better days ahead (wouldn't count on it, though, given what passes as media currently.)

(An aside: Journalists also have the most abominable taste in music...they're too easily confused by what's popular. Mmmm. shiny. mmmm.)
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