The Overly Manly Man

You are probably familiar with the Overly Manly Man, but you may not know that he is a photograph of a guy by the name of John L. Sullivan, who went 75 bare-knuckle rounds before winning.

Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to leave some other Overly Manly Man memes, too.

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high pants? you mean my pants!

Plo Koon (author)  liquidhandwash3 years ago


i was just looking at memes this evening thinking that we should have something matching popular authors with image macros. Obviously i would be Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.
Not Overly Attached I'bler? :-D
Plo Koon (author)  kelseymh3 years ago

Okay, then.

Internet Characters - Challenge Accepted!.jpgOverly Attached Instructabler.jpg
or in my case, overly DEtached ibler...