The Pulse Jet Bicycle that Goes up to 75 mph

Pulse jets are fun to watch and you can get an intro to making one with a jam jar. Make a big one and it can be incredibly freakin' loud. Mount it onto a bicycle like Robert Maddox did and you'll get speeds up to 75 mph as you blast your ears into loose bits of jelly.


Picture of The Pulse Jet Bicycle that Goes up to 75 mph
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Doveman9 years ago
That is beast! I got to make one...

How many Jam Jars do you think it will take to move my bike at 75 mph?
jlund Doveman5 years ago
More than a megaton ha lol megatons are for measuring explosions and by th way tha jam jars go boom after a wile so have fun burning your wife or mom comes out snif snif what's burning JIMMY! What are you doing
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Killerjackalope, you know your mission!
Beystad beat me to it, no mines going to have to be bigger and louder...
Hmmm on a second look, I could beat this one, need some work but the chinese based engines aren't that powerful usually, I'm going for either capped end or lockwood-hillers...
Can't wait!
Also I'm thinking of going for twin engines... and one buttload of thrust...
Is that a standard buttload or metric?
jlund OBar5 years ago
!!!! Twin! start with one, see how many pieces you are in, then try 2
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