The Recon is here!

The new nerf recon cs6 has arrived! if you dont know about it, see the picture on my group. i have one as of a few days ago, but for those of you who want one, BUY QUICKLY BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!

Picture of The Recon is here!
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biggunner7 years ago
I bought mine the first day they came out. was great. then i sold it.
nfk118 years ago
i modded mine.i just put the aimer on the light.
laxdude8 years ago
i painted my mag black its really cool
bloke20228 years ago
I modded mine by cutting a crappy pair of binoculars in half and took the flip sight apart then attached them together to get a scope.
i just got one to day on christmas this is the best nerf gun i have and it works really well, i woulded mod it because if u skrew it up u are out a one relly awsome gun
nerfer192 (author)  nickkoppelaar9 years ago
does it have a black rod at the back?
u mean on the stock or the main gun part because there is 3 parts to the gun
nerfer192 (author)  nickkoppelaar9 years ago
the main gun
oh yeah it dosent show it on that pic of the gun but there is and it sticks out like 2inches
nerfer192 (author)  nickkoppelaar9 years ago
ok that means its the new version they put that on for safety becuse people were getting cut on the orange thing underneath.
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