The Robot Goes to Asia

Prolific Instructables member zieak has won four shirts so far from participating in contests. So when he went to Asia he brought one along and took some photos. The pics are pretty great. You can see a few here or go to his site to see the whole collection.

Thanks, Zieak! Now who else can show us the robot outside the U.S.?

Picture of The Robot Goes to Asia
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Berkin8 years ago
zieak8 years ago
The Instructables robot is at it again... this time in South America. I'm in Peru now and will be at Machu Picchu tomorrow. I'll be headed to Ecuador and if time allows into Columbia (but i'm beginning to think that's far too ambitious) Here's a teaser. This is at the Incan Pisac ruins.
Umm is it too late to redeem the code for the last shirt I won like six months ago, PS they're really comfortable shirts.
You can still redeem it if you haven't gotten it yet.
Thanks Fungus, I'm going to wait until the asphalt color is back in stock, me and light colors don't mix well.
They're back in stock. Go go go!
Still says asphalt is out of stock, neither is the asphalt listed under prize shirts.
Don't believe it. Just say you want asphalt in the comment.
Got my shirt yesterday (YAAA!)

I had the same experience as ToolUA, but just ordered the tan. I thought you guys wanted to get rid of tan shirts... ;-)

Guess what--I received asphalt anyway....
I'll try it, thanks
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