The Robot goes to Peru

I wore my Instructables shirt while on a trip to Peru at Machu Picchu. I washed it in the bathroom sink the night before and when i put it on the the morning it was still quite damp. Didn't matter because i was rained on while hiking down from Wayna Picchu (the mountain in the background of the main picture). I had my rain jacket but the cool rain felt great. In a little less than two weeks i'll try and wear my shirt on the equator too!

Picture of The Robot goes to Peru
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ElvenChild5 years ago
Lucky not only have I not been to Peru I also don't have that awesome robot tshirt
Berkin7 years ago
zieak (author) 7 years ago
I'll just add a few Ecuador pics to the comments instead of another thread. I went to a monument that is close to the Equator. (It was once believed to be at the equator but better instrumentation has changed that.) There also is a picture of the beach at Montanita.
Sunbanks7 years ago
That's really awesome! I need to take the robot places with me...
I need to actual go places LOL I can only wear mine around town, because I rarely get out of town
I don't go very many places either, and definitely not places like Peru
Except for 3 trips to Canada, I haven't been outside the USA. Only as far south as Georgia, and as far west as Illinois. And I don't really care to drive those distances again, if I can help it :-)
I've never been to Canada, even though it wouldn't take us very long to drive there. It wouldn't be much fun to drive that far. The farthest east I've ever been was Idaho, and that was really close to the border of Washington :\
Yeah, the Canadian border is a good 14+ hours from here, even though there is only one state in between them and me....there is the height of my state to go through too.
14 hours? D: I would definitely not want to drive that long.
I drove 26 hours straight....twice....I NEVER want to do that again...
I can barely even stay up for 26 hours XD I sure wouldn't be able to drive that long, even if I could drive...
The one time it was a mistake.....it was supposed to be only a 12 hour drive (bad enough, but not so bad when I was younger), but I made a wrong turn while crossing the top of Indiana, and ended up going all the way south (that state is long, north to south sadly), and by the time I had discovered my mistake, I had driven about 12 hours, and had a 14 hour trip ahead of me to get back up to where I was going.
That would suck sooo much.
It made me think twice about traveling long distances alone ever again...
Ha, that's how long it takes during a normal weekday rush hour to drive the 5 miles just to get out of New York City.
DIYDragon7 years ago
Awesome, I'll add Peru to my places to visit one day. I do have a little map on my My Space profile with 'future travel destinations'. One of these days I'll hoard enough money to go. : P
CameronSS7 years ago
Hey! You forgot to take me with you!

*incredibly envious*
zieak (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
I have forgotten a lot of things. Look for my upcoming Instructables on recovering a debit card swallowed by an ATM and having a new passport issued to you after yours has been stolen.
Goodhart zieak7 years ago
Those I will be looking forward to immensely....
zieak (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
I should be picking up my new passport in the next hour. Sadly they wouldn´t let me take my camera into the US Embassy. I got scolded for taking pictures of the outside of the building too. It has been an adventure... of misadventures! I had problems that caused me to miss a train, a plane and a bus. I have no boating plans otherwise i'd make sure that i could easily reschedule!
Goodhart zieak7 years ago
So you missed the boat on everything except a boat ? :-)
Kiteman7 years ago
Patch idea - I wore my Robot t-shirt / fabric patch somewhere cool
zieak (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
As a patch collector i like that one!
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Wow!
Goodhart7 years ago
Cool ! Robot is not only going places but he is getting up there in the world :-)