The Sawed-Off Flash Drive

Evil Mad Scientist shows off the power of geek camouflage with their Sawed-Off Flash Drive that looks like a cut USB cable. Nice one!


Picture of The Sawed-Off Flash Drive
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That's like a sawed off shotgun!
Bran9 years ago
Very clever! I'll see if I can't make it!
Cool, I saw this on Evil Mad Scientist Labs yesterday. I should have posted as a forum topic...
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I want one! I might just make this.....
Gjdj39 years ago
Very cool!
Jake Turner9 years ago
Hah, I can see the prank calls to IT now...

"Yeah, uh, I've got this printer cable hooked into my PC, and uh, it's got some uh, photos still in it that I was trying to print before the cable got like cut or snipped, and I was uh, wondering if you guys could rebuild it so I can get these Not Sexual Fotos, Wreally files printed to take home with me?"

Yeah, not so funny. I tried.
Good recycling!
jimtran939 years ago
woah thats hella kool looking where can i get/make one of those?
See the link in the article? Click there for instructions.
Hailye9 years ago
Wow!!! Good but......
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