The Skittles Dress

This prom dress by Theperilouspopsicle at craftster uses 101 Skittle wrappers and took 15 hours to make and it was worth it. Thanks to Tetranitrate I'm currently sick of Skittles, but the color certainly works.

via Neatorama

Picture of The Skittles Dress
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nytbest8 years ago
This dress is amazing!!! I'd really like to include a couple photos of your dress in a short video of unique prom dresses we're putting together to promote my daughter's website. Would you mind?
send that to the artist, not Fungus Amungus
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Nom Nom Nom
I bet she smelled good!
Wills429 years ago
Amazing, and I though Duct Tape prom dresses were cool. When I first saw the topic, I thought it was a dress made from the actual skittles T_T.
Sunbanks9 years ago
I want that dress! It's totally awesome! Maybe I could try something with m&m wrappers....
Hmm, with Skittle having the tag line of "taste the rainbow" maybe M&M's would be a better choice for the dress :-)
Hehe yeah
Brennn109 years ago
Now that the dress is finished, Theperilouspopsicle can use the money made to buy himself a root canal.
not to mention treatments for diabetes.
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