The Sting Behind the Bling - what is the true cost of a little style?

The mining of jewels is often inhumane, illegal and highly toxic. So think before you sparkle.

Whether future heirloom or fun trinket, jewellery is one of life's luxurious pleasures. Even if you aren't decked out in multiple carats, a bit of bling can make you feel a million dollars. But the path your jewellery takes to reach your earlobe, neck, wrist or finger can be harrowing.

Worldwide, the people - including about a million children - employed on minimal wages to mine and process supposedly legitimate diamonds, gemstones and precious metals often endure some of the worst working conditions imaginable. Toiling in Asian and African countries with little or no union support means health and safety precautions are slender at best. There's a serious risk of work-related death, injury or chronic illness as workers scratch out a living in remote mines extracting precious and semi-precious stones.

This is just one article from the BBC's online magazine Thread, which I have not read before, mainly because "fashion" is not something I generally think about.

Thread is the online fashion magazine dedicated to bringing you the latest in eco-fabulous style.

Ethical fashion is fashion that has been made, worn and passed on in a way that looks after people, animals and the environment. The clothes we feature in Thread support this approach, making us essential viewing for fashion-conscious people who care about where their clothes come from. All clothes tick off at least one of these principles:

  • Made and traded sustainably
  • Made of sustainable materials
  • Recycled or vintage

Thread shows you how to get the look you want in an eco-glam way through our unique mix of affordable fashion, exclusive videos, photo galleries and thought-provoking features.

Link to full article
Magazine homepage.

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An excellent thought provoking post
Kiteman (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Thank you, but I have no idea why it popped up on the "follow" feeds...
I found it on my "subscription" notifications
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I know, but I don't know how a four year old topic got listed as a new post..
Hmmmmmmm ...well, next month is Valentine's Day, perhaps it will be influencial when jewelry purchases are at their highest
Kiteman (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Good point.
an interesting thought provoking post!
Thankfully I prefer wearing junk I mangled in to jewellery...
Kiteman (author) 9 years ago
I think there's a bug - this thread took six days to appear on the lists.
. You seem to be having that problem a lot. :( I'm guessing that one of the profanity/&c filters doesn't like you. . A quick glance over the text and I don't see any particular word or phrase that sticks out. There's "inhumane, illegal and highly toxic" and "death, injury", but I really don't see those sending up any flags. . You, and a lot of the stuff you quote, use an "extended" vocabulary. The filter may find enough words that are not in it's dictionary and give up (maybe unknown words are given a slightly negative score and you use enough to finally tip the scale). . . Have you angered any of the interns? heehee
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Heh, maybe the filters just need cleaning more often?

Actually - is it just me?

If it is, you could be on to something with the vocabulary hypothesis, especially factoring in the fact that the US software won't be used to coping with proper spelling ;-)

I don't think I've upset anybody (unless you're counting YECs?).
I was going to mention the spelling there - I have my suspicions about it...
> is it just me?
. I dunno. I don't initiate enough topics to have a feel for it. I've never noticed more than a minute or two delay when I start a topic. The one I started yesterday came up immediately.
. It does seem that some of the topics will suddenly appear on page two or three, with no replies, and it says the last post (original) was many hours ago (if they are popping up as days old, I'm probably not seeing them until they get a bump). I KNOW I've checked the site three or four times since then and didn't notice it. Maybe you do have company.
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. If it's a roll-your-own, in-house system, a little provincialism may have crept in. :)
. Ask Rachel.
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I have - it appears to be me...
. Uh-huh. [ God'll getcha for that]. Damn atheists!
PKM Kiteman9 years ago
My money's on "toxic" and "injury". My geeky instructables with no naughty words in (specifically "How to make cereal") got published within minutes, and that one even had the phrase "spoon me" in it. You can't be on a reputation-based filter, it's not like you're coolz or anything, or it could just be ghosts in the machine.
Samaraknell5 years ago
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Big Bwana9 years ago
Yep and it's not just Diamonds and other jewels, Even Teenie Bling like Ipod's and fancy cell phones. have a huge tolls on children and adults in the third world, Ores like Coltan used to make Tantilte capacitors for those electronics is leading to genocide in central Africa ((( Even if they won't label it that, I guess that might affect Bayers bottom line but genocide is nothing new to Bayer )))
ll.139 years ago
I prefer being able to blend into most places.
110100101109 years ago
Thats by far not the only place where child abuse is used to make stuff But yea this example is kinda poke in the eye And I never understood why some people are so magnetized to gold etc heck its just piece of metal