The Strangest Warning Label You Have Seen

What is the strangest/funniest warning label you have ever seen? Here are some of mine: Hairdryer- Do not use while sleeping. Wii (I'm basing of off memory, I don't own a Wii)- Do not eat. Paintballs- Do not feed to penguins.

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Goodhart9 years ago
This one kills me: Contact (allergy medacine, otc): May cause drowsiness, ...may cause irritability...sleeplessness...
Sleep medicine: May cause drowsiness.... um, ya think?
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Huh, I thought they were supposed to keep you awake. This explains a lot... *Tosses aside bottle.* :P
Sunbanks9 years ago
There was one on the Internet that I saw and it was on a mattress and it said "Do not swallow".
I like many slow witted babies swallowed my mattress a few times...
Did you ever wake in the morning having dreamed of eating a giant marshmallow, and woke only to find a portion of your mattress gone? I know, old joke
Microwave oven : don't use it to dry living animals.
Err X_X My Uncle's a vet, and there are people that do that. He rescued a kitten from the microwave, but it was too late, so he adopted it. Its name is Nukah ( Nuke as in microwave) and it has severe breathing problems and mutations. Plus, it's ridiculously fat.
Aww, poor kitty. I wish people didn't do things like that.
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