I'm quite new to this site and one thing that has cropped up rather alot is this knexpert tournament. i a bit confused so could you please post answers to my questions.
1) who organises this because i searched through instructable contests and i couldn't find anything under knex?
2) whos can and can't enter and why please.
3) when is it held? plz vist my youtube channel

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knexguy8 years ago
1: Jollex 2: No-one at this stage because the competition is coming to the end of the last round. It has been going on for over half a year. 3: Answered above.
The_Lost_Carrot (author)  knexguy8 years ago
is Jollex just a normal instructable member who organised this tournament?
Jollex just hosted the tourney, TD came up with the original idea.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
Not true.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
I thought thats what happened, of course I might be wrong..
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
He thought of making a tournament. I'm the one that actually thought of TGKT and put it in action.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
so he started the idea, and you developed off of it.
Thanks, Jollex. You know I came up with the idea. I'll find the comments to prove it. I came up with the name TGKT. I had the ideas and chatted with you about them. You remember the PMs we sent back in forth? I let you run it because I didn't feel like it but I was still partly in charge of it. You just kind of threw me off to the side. Not like it matters now. The purpose of the tournament was lost months ago when the term knexpert was ruined.
I'm pretty sure I came up with the name :P
I'll take a look at my comments then. I remember I was thinking of making a contest to see who was the greatest knexpert. But do you at least know that I was originally helping you? We were both in charge of it. You just took off without me after awhile. Check your old pms if you still have them.
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