The Transition to Veganism

Hey Everyone!

The question of the week is:
"What is the easiest way to transition from a carnivorous, fast-food diet to veganism"?

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Thanks for your answers!

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It's hard to say. I've been a Vegan my whole life, and it just comes natural to me to not eat other living beings.

dlhylton6 years ago
The best way to transition is just to read how bad animal and animal products are for our health. You can google it or you can watch all those documentaries such as "Forks Over Knives" etc and they will explain it to you. You can also join vegan online communites such as and such for support. There is also a great vegan book called the "80-10-10 Diet" by Douglas Graham which shows why you should be a vegan.

lemonie6 years ago
You just stop eating animals, animal-derivatives, animal-secretions etc, now.
That's instantaneous.


.. even if it may be "cold-turkey".
do you have a BEEF with that? :-D
The easiest way is to stop going out to fast food joints and learn to graze.

Thermionic6 years ago
Stop eating fast food, keep eating animals.