Sypranic 8 round revolver 2 in work still - though S8rR Modern is out!

It's still a work in progres, the previous moddel didn't work corectly, so you'll be geting the basic idea structure Project Python - AKA S8rR Modern - check the origonal S8rR for it. - should be up by 2PM eastern time. modern is simply a difrent version of the origonal not a big improvement. that the V2 will be baised on and improving the modern (kinda like when you take someones gun strip it down to what you like and build a new thing around that to somthing you like) sorry about any wait I like my things to be quality/origonal rather then quanity and cheap

Picture of Sypranic 8 round revolver 2 in work still - though S8rR Modern is out!
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well whatever
The Jamalam8 years ago
it hasn't quite been over a year yet. it is april.
i doubt it.
The Jamalam8 years ago
may 10 2008?
Sypran (author) 8 years ago
oh god your right.... Srry I haven't been working on anything knex lately, and when I first let this out i had what looked to be a working model but it never truly worked.

tominated9 years ago
can we see it yet?
TheDunkis9 years ago
Grr I would work on this if it weren't for the fact I don't have enough spacers or any pens. I was thinking of making a mini version that uses green rods though. By the way you are over-hyping your gun second to killerk...I dislike hype-ers.
Sypran (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
not trying to hype it just trying to tell people what im doing but then somthing always prvents me from doing it (the one i built when i created this was destroyed when a new couch was put in our house) lessoned learned mever build in my living room, always in my room, or basement or somthing
The Jamalam9 years ago
it wont be the first, my storm 222 uses that same mechanism, and mine is the first.
Sypran (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
ahh yes i cant see (not alowed on knex instructis yet) , but yours does not use a built in cyander (yes i bet you could easily do that) but i did not realse all facts about this guns mech (probably cause they came to me as i was improveing then shrinking) so the mechs will probably be completely difrent, and the record still hold that wil be the first "small" arm to have this feature
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