The Ultimate steampunked computer desk

Meet the Victorian Organ Command Desk. Bruce Rosenbaum of Massachusetts home restoration firm ModVic.....replacing (the innerds)  with three monitors, a 3GHz AMD Phenom II X4 945 processor...

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Picture of The Ultimate steampunked computer desk
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Dr.Paj7 years ago
I can't say I am a big fan of the final product. The only thing I truly like are the speakers, but they would look better if the speakers were hidden in the post the horn sits on, and have the sound travel through the horn instead of placing them inside the bell of the horn.
Goodhart (author)  Dr.Paj7 years ago
we can't please all of the people,  all of the time.....
I love the speakers. Shouts Steampunk to me. I might have covered them with a brass mesh or something that simulates such but besides that I love it.
Goodhart (author)  TheGeekFather6 years ago
do you mean, inside the horns where the speakers are? Yes maybe, but if you mean on the outside of the horn in the front, I don't know if I'd like that look or not. :-)
Yes I meant Inside. Right near where the speakers are themselves. I agree that on the outside edge it wouldn't look good but deep inside the horn might be a good idea. Don't get me wrong it looks steamtastic the way it is. I'm wondering if a brass mesh (properly aged) would look good or not. Of course would have to try it and see.
pie R []ed7 years ago
WOW! That is fantastic! Clever use of, what i assume was, an old piano.
Goodhart (author)  pie R []ed7 years ago
Pipe Organ   :-) 
Fox-san487 years ago
i gotta say i quite like it, to you others, if its not positive or a hint to make it better dont comment
Goodhart (author)  Fox-san487 years ago
Oh well,  not everyone likes the same things :-) 
yeh i guess lol :D
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