The Virtual Theremin

Ever since seeing Bill Bailey live a couple of days ago, I was fascinated by the Theremin he used throughout his performance.

I did a little googling and found that it's relatively simple to make one, but I didn't want to, I wanted one now! Back to google it was then, and I came across this beauty (link to .exe file).

To play the Theremin, you click start, then move your mouse around the grid. The X axis controls note frequency and the Y axis controls volume.

I'm now in the process of annoying my parents with it >:]

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MarkM261 year ago
Great, thanks for that! Within 30 seconds I found myself playing that theremin bit in Good Vibrations.
agibson55 years ago
so epic!!!!
Oh wow! This is great!! I have been wanting a theremin for years and now I dont need to buy 1!!!
Goodhart9 years ago
That is wild. I changed to octave from the default of 4 to 8, and got some interesting midrange sounds too (after bumping the high range up a a couple of K decades :-)
whatsisface (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
I know, it's so fun :D My hamster seems to like it... possibly...
My guinea pigs didn't seem to care for it very much in the upper range :-)
whatsisface (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
And dogs in the next town go mad :D
If you go past eight octaves, then it messes up.
Image says all.
i hate this forum more than soccer.jpg
I don't like soccer. I think volleyball is better. As for this forum, it is quite interesting.
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