The "What are you working on?" thread

Well it's getting kind of annoying to go around asking people or just not being in the know of who's doing what so I had the bestest idea evah!!! Make a thread!! Lik ZOMG!!!

Anyways, yeah just post whenever you're making something new and talk about the following.
-What you're making
-What features it'll have
-If and when it'll be posted
-And finally any pictures you may have (not required though)

And keep it to K'nex please. This is the K'nex forum after all so I'd think that's obvious.

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rec0n7 years ago
an MP7A1.
Seleziona7 years ago
Uhmmm, I just made an AA-12!
Raikou-san7 years ago
TheDunkis (author) 7 years ago
You must recover! Anyways I'm finally picking up my K'nex again for the first time in awhile. I decided I'm just going to fix up the TBAG and have it fire K'nex ammunition. I expect to be done with it tonight so I'll just wait until I have a picture before I explain anything.
rhysc77 years ago
i am working on a pump action shotgun
got any tips for me
rec0n7 years ago
Barrett 2.0. I need help with a decent mech, I can't make one.
new ogic bow completed and perfected. Toying with three names, Logic bow 2, Logic bow or Illogic bow.
Uber bow, logic bow v2, orgic bow (lol), Elitebow.
I like illogic bow best
TheDunkis (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
Logicaler Bow =P
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