The World's Greatest Instructable

I've just been hit with sort of a crazy idea. Feel free to call me names, laugh at my insanity, or point out the problems with my idea; it will probably help relieve your stress, not to mention knock some sense into my head. Here's my crazy idea. What if everyone on Instructables collaborated to build the World's Greatest Instructable? Think about it. Where have you ever seen a larger community of people, specializing in all areas, who love to get things done, meeting together in one place to share ideas and "Show & Tell"? Where have you ever seen a place with 12 year olds who can weld, collaborating with 50 year old electronics professionals? Where have you seen a place where people vote for each others entries in contests and help with suggestions to other peoples entries who they are competing against? This is such a great place I can't help but believe that we would build something more awesome than the world had ever seen. We could all get together and make something spectacular and outstanding. Please, leave your ideas. Thanks.

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Lftndbt9 years ago
Perhaps the concep of an Ible as a written format document, is too 2D to cause dramatic revolutionary change.

Although I believe you have hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

Broaden your perspectives a little and have a look at the grand scale of things if you would.

What is theUltimate goal of theoretically after the financial side of running the site?

It is to educate, collaborate and assist a vast and diverse amount of people in the search for unknown knowledge.

You said: What if everyone on Instuctibles collaborated to build the World's Greatest Instuctable?

My friend you are the Instructable, I am the Instructable.
We the active members are the worlds greatest Instructible.

Our community is a self perpetuating and evolutionary conglomeration of the most unique and inquisitive minds known to the world.

Our task as we have chosen it to be is to guide and assist that glowing spark of knowledge within us all. To protect it, to nourish it and above all else to encourage and envoke the spark held within others.

So I say to you my Ible friends, if not a written Ible then make us the Ible.
Remove restraint, shamlessly enlist, perpetuate the remarkable and be remembed as the chosen few that bought our global lust for the unknown knowledge to a focus, to a key, to a place.

Let it be known that is not a place, it never was, it never will be, it is not here nor there, it can not be lost nor found again,

It simple is.

It is inside us all, it is the search, the passion, the longing for the unknown knowledge.

It is just a matter of time before will all will find it.

Be just, comment well, be proud of your work, be proud of others
They are your sisters and your brothers .

Let others know they are not alone, mend the broken hearted and defend those that can not defend themselves.

Choose wisely my friends.

Just Lftndbt's thoughts.

*sniff* Beautiful *sniff*

My friend you are the Instructable, I am the Instructable.
We the active members are the worlds greatest Instructible.

remind's me of: Free at last! Free at Last! Thank god almighty, for we are free at last!
Lftndbt Lftndbt9 years ago
One last word of wisdom~
Always check spelling and grammer or you could end up looking a lil

It simple is = It simply is
remembed= remembered
Im sure there is more.

Im sure there is more.

Yep, I'm sure there ARE more. LOL
How did I know you would pick that up....? LoL very funny indeed. ;)
I wouldn't normally have said anything, but you kind of asked for that one ;-)
Keith-Kid9 years ago
I have an idea though, a monument. It can have a bit of every aspect. Like say a metal horse sculpture.(art) With an oven inside(cook) It can move like a car(ride and tech) The outside can be decorated with paint, and crafts (crafts) On the head these would be seats(kids) protected by a hard crystal shell in place of the eyes. There would be videogames in this area, for when the horse is charging(its half electrical) (green)the kids wont get bored.(games) From the ears will play really loud music(music) and Finally it will poop 5 foot tall knex dinosaurs that will in turn lead an army of Knex(Knex?)

Strike the horse, it will be a dinosaur!
Gjdj3 (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
I love that!
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Names! (pun, you soaid I can call you names)

I already mentioned did GorillazMiko
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