The World's worst Instructables? (Updated)

I've posted this as a review of how the current rating system works at the low end of the scale, with reference to my 2007 post
Reminder of the scale:
0.5 = Worthless
1.0 = Poor
1.5 = Some flaws
2.0 = Almost average
2.5 = Average (we don't go much higher than this here)

Lowest rated Instructables as of today:

extreme mini knex gun
"How on earth is this rated higher than a buynch of my stuff??????"
This one seemed to be very unpopular, 60 ratings brought it down to 1.10 but people were aiming for 0.5

Author "Hold it over a trash can and beat the living () out of the top"
Generally viewed as one of the most moronic Instructables ever, 154 ratings gave this 1.16 (many of which have been translated from the old system).

small-knex-gun 2
"my first instructionable"
Not popular at all, 27 ratings took this to 1.27

How to make a flashdark
"complete waste of storage"
They didn't get the joke... 23 ratings 1.30

"why did you chose knex as your one and only keyword?" (knex now appears twice in tags)
32 ratings 1.36

smallest knex gun EVER
It's only got 2 pieces, which was not appreciated by the KNEX community
Author: "come on people plz leave me alone
1.37 from 41 ratings

The coolest virus ever!
"virus creators are the bane of all existence. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to rot somewhere uncomfortable."
17 ratings 1.40

"You can't really just stick screws to stuff and call it steampunk."
21 ratings, 1.45

"go back into the woods and practice your banjo."
20 ratings 1.56
July 06

Author: "yeah, well this is my first instructable.. I've made ones that shoot some 37 feet or so, but they're too complicated for me to understand how I built them. I am almost annoyed at myself for putting on such a crappy gun. oh, well, I don't really care"
27 ratings 1.58

And what of the The World's worst Instructables 2007? Only the Snapple and tongue Instructables haven't been pushed into a corner. (out of sight?)
"i smell summin and it aint laser burns.. I lived on a farm once and waded through alot of it."
33 to 1.42
May07 (out of sight?)
"This is precisely the same instructable as this one, complete with the same spelling errors and photos, except (your) instructable only has thumbnails of the blurry photos."
44 ratings 1.42
Apr07 (out of sight?)
"can we all PLEASE stop talking about weed?"
126 ratings 1.94
May07 (out of sight?)
"How come such a poorly made Instructable can be so popular?"
115 ratings 2.13, that's closer to average than "almost"

"Next you'll b doin it to your ()"
88 ratings 2.56 (above average)

The current system doesn't seem to be giving us a good distribution if nothing has yet managed to hit "poor" (even when a group of people were trying to rate beneath it)

Statistics as of 9th March:
5.00-4.5 16 0.07%
4.49-4.0 362 1.6%
3.99-3.5 3269 14.7%
3.49-3.0 10238 46.1%
2.99-2.5 4556 20.5%
2.49-2.0 853 3.8%
1.99-1.5 111 0.5%
1.49-1.0 8 0.04%
0.99-0.5 0 0%
unrated 2787 12.6%

81% of all Instructables are rated between 2.5 and 4.0 (93 % if you exclude unrated Instructables)


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comodore8 years ago
With the great deal of these I agree but with some I don't.. There are worst ones..
lemonie (author)  comodore8 years ago
Please tell us, this is simply a rating review. L
another time, maybe... :P
Kiteman8 years ago
Since large numbers of projects - good or bad - go completely un-rated, I don't think the current system is a useful measure of... well, anything.
PKM Kiteman8 years ago
Sometimes it is- it measures how much people care about rating it. If I see an unrated recipe, I know it's probably unexciting- a 4* recipe I will read because for people to rate a simple Instructable up so much it is probably very amusing or otherwise better than the average, a 2.5* recipe is almost certainly rubbish or terribly written so I won't.

If the topic of the Instructable is something controversial and it has 2.5 stars, I assume someone has taken offence to it and downrated, so will probably read it out of curiosity :) but otherwise a rating of 2.5* or below instantly says "this is probably not worth reading".
lemonie (author)  PKM8 years ago
But now it's on 3.38. I don't see much value in rating Forum topics and even less for Answers. The title should be enough. (I don't judge things by rating) L
. I don't pay much attention to the ratings. I try to remember to rate stuff, but I don't use the numbers for anything. I must admit that I will often not bother to rate the really bad iBles.
I stick to pageviews. It doesn't determine the quality of the instructable, but it does have something to say about the interest in an instructable.
lemonie (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Or how many other sites are linking to it, or is featured, or a competition winner, or like IanHampton's USB stick keep popping up on the front page. L
It's fun to click stars though, so it achieves something. Amusement?
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