The World's worst Instructables?

Here are the top most negatively-rated instructables (as of 10 Jun 2007):

It doesn't stop falling... -46 it's still the most moronic post on the site (?):

A recent spurt of -ves takes:
Opening up a coke machine to 2nd place with -21

Some +ve rating takes How to roll a Joint ! (if you dont like it don't read it !!) down to -20
To tie with:
How to perform your own Tongue Bifurcation also at -20

going up the chart to -18, it's very poor indeed:
making the strongest hand-held laser stronger

-17 and still falling through blatent but admitted plaigarism
Soda Tab Chain

still at -13
Strong light
how to not need to ever type in any computer class again


Previously clicking this link would give you current rankings. Under the new rating system you get unrated Instructables.


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this is the lowest rated i could find:
Xellers6 years ago
lemonie (author)  Xellers6 years ago

Yes I remember that one, it both sucks and blows.

Yeah, that's the first time I saw that one, tis true though.
DJ Radio9 years ago
what about "scab"
lemonie (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Oh yes I remember that. Another example of the need for some content-control? L
DJ Radio8 years ago
"extreme mini knex gun" has a lower rating than all of these.
Easy Button10 years ago
umm ow to blow a a snapple bottle with your hand is now -52 lol
wow scratch that its gone to -55 wow what a difference a few hours can make lol
Glad I don't have a bear hand.

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