The Zombie Contest is starting Monday!

We’re so happy to announce our first ever Zombie Contest! We're looking for any and all zombie projects. Whether it's a tutorial on how to look just like a zombie or how to defend yourself from one, we want it! We’ve teamed up with the amazing folks over at Orbotix for give away four Spheros to celebrate the release of their new game, The Rolling Dead.

Check out some of the amazing gameplay below:

The Rolling Dead is available right now for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android!

Post your best zombie projects - we can’t wait to see what you make!

Contest is open 6/10 - 7/8.

Picture of The Zombie Contest is starting Monday!
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Less than an hour and my entry still has not been accepted! What do?!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
I'm out of luck, I have a project but is for vampires... :-(
Save it for Hallowe'en?
Kiteman Kiteman4 years ago
Oh, if the next Hallowe'en contest runs like the last, all these Zombie projects will be eligible for that as well - double win!
Kiteman4 years ago