The awesome helmets of Bob Basset

These leather masks made by the Bob Basset workshop in the Ukraine are amazing. These custom pieces have lots of great details and are pretty inspiring for future projects. Of course you can also buy them yourself, but they'll set you back $550 - $800.

Bob Basset
via BoingBoing

Picture of The awesome helmets of Bob Basset
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bart2457 years ago
These masks are sweet! I think I might dabble a bit with this as inspiration, hey, Halloween is coming up!
Kiteman7 years ago
The third one looks like a steam-punked Storm Trooper, but the first one is just creepy.
no the third one is a leather combine soldier from halflife 2
That would be one of these new-fangled "video" games, yes?
actually its from 2004
it's one of the most well known games ever, alongside halo and grand theft auto. 48 year olds play it! (and yes they are married and have kids, kids that watch them play it.)
And Gordon Freeman was voted the best game hero of all time by gamespot.
I think it's spelled Morgan, not Gordon. And I agree, he is the "bomb," as you kids today say it.
Gordon Freeman is THE man Someone should bother making an i'ble about how to build that armor, i know it's possible, I've seen Chief's armour here before
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