The best and the worst instructables ever!

As we know, the Wall-E Robot is the best ever instructable, because it has a rating of 4.62, and no instructable has a higher rating than the Wall-E Robot's instructable!

And who wants to know the worst ever instructable? The worst ever instructable is Ghetto Hacks! Right now, It has a rating of 0.83, who wants to rate the instructable? Are you going to rate it as the "best ever" or "worthless"?

If you want to know more worst ever instructables, visit this group, Worst. Instructables. Ever.

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Kiteman9 years ago
Rather than gleefully waving somebody's project around and saying look everybody, isn't this bad? shouldn't you be quietly taking that person to one side and explaining how to make this or their next project better?

The latter is very much in the spirit of the site, the former makes us all look bad.
I fully agree. A pat on the back for a great ible is good, but it's never right to mock someone elses effort. Hey, we all have bad days!
DJ Radio9 years ago
um... u really shouldnt be posting this... I tried, and i got bashed for it
He's fine.
I did somehing similar....
Are you the final arbiter of what's okay here, does your opinion out weigh others? Yeah there are some terrible instructables, does repeatedly mocking the author accomplish anything?

Thank you!

then why wasn't i fine when i did something like this?
Plasmana (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
What do you mean getting bashed for doing some thing like this?
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