The best slingshot trigger

 I'm working on a slingshot gun but icant make a trigger for it could someone please leave a link for a good slingshot trigger 
its an 3 layer barrel
(3 orange connectors)

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MegaMetal87 years ago
Kryptonite8 years ago
Being new to k'nex but a hardened slingshot user, I'm not quite sure why you need a trigger.
So you don't have to hold the round back and shoot it any time.
What ever floats your boat.
Oh and the tremendous force will hurt your hands if you don't have a trigger.
Range? Speed?
Depends on barrel length.  The longer the barrel, the farther it goes.
Sounds deadly. I want to try.
Try this. Its the allegedly farthest shooting knex gun. Apparently it shoots 500ft.
More like 425 angled with sniper rounds.
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