The big list of things that I hate. (yes, I'm feeling down)

The big list of things that I hate (inspired off of Keith Kid's "50 things that I hate"):

- Waking up at 7:00 AM
- Mom hating rap
- Going to school
- Nobody seeing how awesome Maddox is
- little computer time
- even less time to play with knex
- even less knex to play with (well, I don't think this applies anymore, thanks to berkin.)
- Mom
- Dad
- Pep rallies
- Football games
- Wait, I think its all sports on TV.
- Rain
- The 80's (It has a weird relation to pep rallies)
- The fact that everything on TV sucks
- My uncle never coming over anymore
- Foreign languages (Ironically, I am half asian)
- People asking me to speak Chinese
- The fact that I left KI off this list. (yes, this is a joke)
- The Jonas brothers
- Oh wait a minute, I think it's everyone who works for Disney, not just the fail bros
- Halloween
- Mondays
- The fact that I sweat too much.
- The fact that I am bored
- Myspace
- Facebook
- Twitter
- The fact that Biggie and 2pac are dead
- The fact that I don't have an xbox to play halo on.
- Mom threatening to cut my internet off
- Cops.
- School
- The fact that half the stuff people tell me is stuff that I don't give a crap about.
- Dogs and dog owners.
- The fact that I don't have money to make my own site where I can post this list.

Now that I got that out of my chest....

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Goodhart8 years ago
Life is pretty much what you make <strong><big>of</big></strong> it.....why do you hate your life? Have you tried to make something of it (not externally, it starts within)? <div id="refHTML"> </div>
wocket Goodhart7 years ago
attitude is everything, but it's so hard to change it without some sort of life chaning event. if your brain is flooded with stress/depression inducing hormones then nothing is good/fine. it's so hard to fix it.

i had a serious life changing experince (seriously long term medical in nature, which is now over) and now everything is super fantastically interesting and wonderful. it's packed, even when it's not. A leaf falling/cloud forming is just as facinating as, say, rock climbing.

if only you could bottle it. :)
Goodhart wocket7 years ago
Sometimes just the WANT  rather then the need to look at things differently, can help tremendously.
DJ Radio (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I'm just saying that these things disappoint, or annoy me, to the point where I hate it.  It has nothing to do with making something out of my life.
Ah but attitude IS everything. What disappoints you, does so because you allow it to do so. What annoys you does so because you allow it to annoy you. If you hate the things that annoy you, you are hating the decision to allow it to annoy you. What goes on in your head (after a certain age, normally around 12) is your responsibility, because you created it. Once you are at an age to make your own decisions on what you like / dislike; etc. you become responsible. The way you feel about things, will shape what you do with your life. ;-) <div id="refHTML"> </div>
(Most people shake their finger at you and say "listen to your mother!" But I'm shaking my finger at you and saying "Listen to your Goodhart!")
Hmmm? hmmr Waxing philosophic, I was ! <div id="refHTML"> </div>
caitlinsdad8 years ago
I gotta tell you, being whole or any part Asian ain't bad.  You arewho you are. 

If you are old enough, you should go see the Marines recruiter, theymight have something to straighten you out.
what, teach him to kill people and how to go to war and come back with even more issues?

nope, better plan, become a paid artist and live in a hut by a surf beach, best life ever... :)
There are many roads to take in life. Some are fraught with bumps and some are great for cruising. Sometimes you can decide which route to go and other times you just get caught up in the traffic.

Having served in the Army, you also learn not to kill. For some, the military is a valid option for personal development.  I would suggest the French Foreign Legion if you really have issues but the US Marines may come close.
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