The clock that erases itself

This clock has an eraser in the hour hand so it can erase the marks on the face of the clock as it goes along. Pretty good way of clearing the way for more events, but you might want to write down those notes somewhere else as well.

Dry Erase Clock

Picture of The clock that erases itself
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___8 years ago
good thing it doesnt have a second hand!
Derin ___8 years ago
*scribble* Tick...tock...tick...tock *a bit later* AHH ITS EMPTY WHERE ARE MY NOTES

Yea it is only good if you want to remind yourself to be somewhere at a certain time...even then you have to hope you saw the note before it got wiped away into oblivion.

___ Derin8 years ago
Goodhart ___8 years ago
even the minute hand would be a problem, although not quite as fast.
dvnfntn8 years ago
im in the mood for a cupcake....... anyone else?
me, got sum lemonade too?
What is this, 4chan?
i like chocolate rain
centrd8 years ago
This is perfect for someone who needs to schedule some relaxation time. Example...8 am: sleep in...10am: breakfast in bed...11am: take a dip in the pool...12pm: work on my tan...1pm: lunch...3pm: siesta...5pm: cocktails...6pm: more cocktails...7pm: contemplate my busy life...7:01: make dinner plans...8pm: meet friends for dinner...8:01: off the clock.
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