The collaboration experiment

For my, or should I say our next Instructable I want to do a little experiment. The goal is to make a colaborated Instructable with the following rules in place:
  1. We each do a single step in the Instructable (excluding the materials step).
  2. Materials needed for each single step cost less then € 10 / $ 10.
  3. Tools needed for each step should be in most peoples shed (or their neighbours shed), you get the point: no big cnc'ing, lasercutting, wood milling, ... 
  4. Quality of step description, photo-work, ... should be feature worthy. 
  5. You get 1 week for each step, allowing for some trial and error, time for personal life, ... If technical constraints require more time, exceptions are possible after clear communication. 
The concept is to do both the build, and collaborate further on the previous step, back and forth. No communication about the end goal. The project can go in all directions. Iterations continue until we both think that the end point is reached. At that point the Ible will be finished, an introduction and conclusions written and published.  

I'm open for suggestions on improving the rules of the collaboration experiment, but I'm very keen on trying out this kind of experiment. I am only able to do one experiment at a time in this point in time. So if multiple people are interested, I suggest we make multiple couples and see where we go from there. 

Who is willing to commit to this kind of experiment across time-zones, boundaries, crafts and expertises? It will be a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, explore new techniques and who knows what else?

On spot left to join the experiment, please fill in this registration form. 5 of us already started the discussion on the rules and timing. The general concept is to start November 1th and finish by December 20th, in time for winter holidays.

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thijsv (author) 2 years ago

The experiment has started. 5 of us are making two Ibles. The results of the experiment are expected just before the 25th of December.

Sounds like a fun idea. Keep everyone posted on how it goes...

*mind goes blank thinking of how to start*

thijsv (author)  bravoechonovember12 years ago

that is the disadvantage of having a username starting with one of the first letters from the alphabet. Good luck and enjoy the experiment!

ohoilett1 year ago

How did this turn out? I'm very curious. Sounds like a great idea.

thijsv (author)  ohoilett1 year ago

it ended a bit early due to the birth of my second son. Time constraints changed and I was not able to finish the project. Too bad :-(

It's all good. Congrats on the birth of your son. If you think about starting something like this up again, I am very interested.

thijsv (author) 1 year ago

The experiment was on hold due to the addition of a new member to our family. I slowly started thinkering again, so I hope to get the experiment back on it tracks. Stay tuned.

So let me see if I've got this right. The project begins with the first person just starting with whatever idea he/she has, then the next person looks at what has been done and takes it a bit further. And this all done with no idea of what the completed project will be? Will it be a combination of electronics, crafts, etc? I'm just curious. And good luck to the participants!

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